Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Race Week

It's finally here. Everything I've been talking about and building up to for the last, I have no idea how many months. I've raised my money, I've run over 9 miles at least times, but I think more like 4. I've trained and followed the program to the tee... minus a week of snow... so I am hoping that i'm ready.

My goal time is 2 hours and 15 minutes
I hope I can AT LEAST finish in 2:20 if I can't hit my time. I haven't finished with a 10 min mile yet, but you never know how you'll feel on race day. My last post, I talked about how my 12 miles was hard, i was hurting, and i didn't have any energy. I took a look at the week before and saw a lot of things I did wrong in order to prepare. So this week, I'm have a goal to hit each day.

1) eat healthy... I eat pretty healthy anyways, mainly lean protein and lots of veggies but I tend to go a little overboard on the sweets. That week, I REALLY went overboard. Like, I ate a couple of desserts a day. That ranged anywhere from a snickers bar to brownies to cake, I mean, I was all out. So this week, I am trying to reel that in a little. I did eat some cookies last night, and those little mini candy bar things... so day one, i didn't hit my first goal, haha. But I still have 5 more days and so far, I'm on track for Tuesday!

2) Drink PLENTY of water. The week before the 12 mile run, I did NOT drink water the way I should have, especially towards the end of the week. It's so hard for me to remember to drink, especially in the cold. I'm trying to remember to drink at least 2 of my cups (the one I have at my desk which is probably about 30 oz) at work, and then drink 1 liter before I go to bed. I think I was a little slack on the water during the day, but I for sure drank a liter before bed last night. I made myself do it and then my tummy was really full when I went to bed, but I got it in!!

3) The Stick

The stick is my friend. I am going to use this on my legs every night before I go to bed. Last night was the first night and I did it, I am so very proud! I rolled each part of my leg for 30 seconds, or really, me counting to 30-who knows how accurate that is time wise, it's basically 30 back and forth rolls with the stick. I even did the sides of my butt, haha, trying to get my piriformus tendon. That's really kind of hard to do, so I got my husband to rub my butt too. What I really need is one of those foam rollers. I think they're better for that kind of stuff. Maybe they'll have one at the Expo!!!

I'm also going to the chiropractor (visit Dr Rob at the Joint at McBee Station downtown - he is awesome and he works out, so that somehow makes him more of an expert to me!!). Whenever my sciatic nerve is bothering me, going to the chiro helps.

4) The last thing is I'm going to yoga. Yoga helps me stay flexible and helps me not get injured. So I'm trying to go every day. On http://www.livingsocial.com/, I bought a month of unlimited yoga from 90 degree yoga for $30. It's nice to be able to go anytime I want, and the heat helps me loosen up more than if I just too yoga at the Y. My calves stay amazingly loose.

5) I guess I said the last thing above, but that wasn't the last thing. The OTHER last thing is that I'm doing some easy jogging. I am running in the morning, just an easy pace for about 45 minutes. I'll probably do that again either friday afternoon or saturday morning and that just keeps my legs, again, loose. The week before my 12 mile run, I did not run at all and I think it was a shock to my system, ha. My legs were tight and they were aching and that's usually what happens when I don't run.

So, I am hoping that sunday morning, I'll get up, have my usual pre race meal, get to the start line, run the race, feel strong, be happy, be able to walk when I'm done and have a new PR. I'll let y'all know how it goes!!