Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We're in!

Sorry about not posting yesterday, we were MOVING!! We are finally in our new house. I am SO EXCITED. 

We were in the closing for the second house for 2 HOURS. 2 HOURS. I was dying. But it was all worth it when we got the keys and were ready to go! I've started unpacking the kitchen because for whatever reason, that's what I want to organized first. After I get that, I'm going to start on our clothes and getting that organized. And we'll go from there. I don't know how long this is going to take me, but I'm going to take my time and enjoy it because this is the first house that I've ever sought out and bought. 

I've put this pic up before so no new news. I just love the shudders and the flower box 

The back of the house - so excited about the screened in porch and upper deck off our bedroom

our dining room

this came with the house and you do not know how excited I am to use these. Front loader, energy savers! woot woot

The thing I was thinking last night was just how grateful I am for our new house. I don't know if I ever imagined loving a house so much and being able to own it. The fact that we sold our old house at such a good price, or really even sold it at all in this economy, and that we got this house at such a good deal with such a low interest rate is overwhelming to me. I feel very blessed and am very grateful for all that I have been given. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #4

If you saw my post yesterday, you got a preview of the types of poses we did. We focused on Bow pose and half bow - both of which are not my favs :)  We also focused on some theory, which I LOVE, and anatomy.

Theme for the weekend - 
So this weekend was based around the Manipura Chakra -

*your intuition
*associated with digestion, adrenal system, endocrine system
*too open - a person can be overly aggressive, abrasive, have digestion issues
*too closed - a person can have low self esteem, no confidence in decision making


Bow Pose

Half Bow Pose

Boat Pose


We had a physical therapist come into class and teach us about the shoulder. 

*learn the 3 bones of the shoulder - 




*the 4 major muscles of the rotator cuff

I also got a new pair of pants that I love. 

Woot Woot!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Weekend

This is basically what I've done this weekend -

It's been lots of fun and now I'm off to do more!!!