Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Morning in Paris Mountain

Ellie and I took a little trip to Paris Mountain this morning for a short hike and lunch. Ellie won't let me carry her in the carrier anymore, so we usually just stick to the lake at the bottom of the mountain. Today, we actually walked around the lake which is about .8 of a mile. Actually, I walked around the lake, carrying Ellie in my arms as she pointed to things and talked. She kept tripping over the roots in the ground and she got frustrated so she wanted me to carry her. I've never hiked around the lake, so I was surprised to see the little waterfall by the dam. I'm sure I'm the last person in Greenville to know about it, but whatever, it was a pleasant surprise. We also saw a HUGE black snake, which I wasn't nervous about, but got a little nervous that we might see a copperhead. I said a little prayer of protection and went on. Other wildlife on the trail: turtles, butterflies, ducks and 2 babies ducklings, and lots of dragonflies. Overall, it was a fun outing, we played outside, I got some pictures, and Ellie wasn't sitting at home watching Sesame Street. Here are some of my favorite photos from today.

Let me add a little instagram photo :)

If your baby will sit in a carrier, there are lots of pretty trails all over Paris Mountain so it's a nice little morning trip for you!