Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who I Am

Who I Am

I am...a southern girl but sometimes I feel like I'm not... a runner... and I like to think I'm a comedian too

I want...a kindle, a pair of Tom's, a pair of Ray Ban Aviators - large lense, and a running skirt... it's my bday people.. make it happen

I have... an awesome life!!! with a fun husband, sometimes mean cat, and lots of good friends

I wish... I ran just a little bit faster.. I'm not saying I need to be an olympic gold medalist... but I mean, can I just run a sub 25 5k?? Please...
I hate... the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Lakers, and the Dallas Cowboys

I fear... upsetting people and then me getting upset and saying something that I have to apologize for because although I always do it, I hate apologizing

I hear... angels calling... they're telling me to leave work early and go to the beach
I search... on amazon a lot & think of things I want to buy... then I feel bad for being such a consumerist

I wonder... what my yoga teacher training is going to be like... I'm super excited!!

I regret... nothing because I feel like things happen for a reasons and I'm grateful for everything that's happened in my life to make me who I am! even the mistakes I've made...

I love... cake pops & chocolate covered strawberries... and italian food... and all food... oh yeah, and my husband and family and yada yada yada

I ache... in my hamstrings... stupid single leg deadlifts

I always... act like a know it all and i'm not super fond of that... sorry people who know me :)

I usually... do and say the first thing that comes to mind... sometimes good, sometimes not...

I am not...perfect. (just like Live a Charmed Life). But I'm grateful my husband/friends love me anyway
I dance...all the time... it's my favorite thing ever... I'm actually good at it!
I sing...all the time.. it's my favorite thing ever... i'm actually not good at it

I never...drink...I had to give it up a long time ago because i had a little too much fun... whoopsy!!

I sometimes... take on WAY too much... and then I get mad for doing it and then i get lazy and don't do anything

I cry... at inappropriate times. I hold it in and then when it needs to come out, it usually does in public and people think I'm a freakshow

I am not always... nice... sometimes I'm a little bit of a B... see I sometimes

I lose... my train of thought a lot. people at work make fun of me... it's a whole lot of talk talk, look at the kitty

I am confused...A LOT... by nothing in particular.. i wouldn't say I'm stupid... but.........

I need... a kindle, a pair of ray bans, a pair of tom's, and running skirt... oh yeah, and I also need more followers... someone help me please!! Is my blog just not that fun to read :(
I should... eat some cake at lunch today... I think I will

Who Are You?

Leave me a comment to let me know if you decide to do this as well

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So... I've been thinking about all these things I want to blog about and I can't narrow it down to anything in particular so I saw this, thanks to my friend, Jane Graybeal, and the blog she told me about, Little Miss Daisy...

1. NUMBERED LISTS.... if you've seen my blog lately, or just sent me an email, I have been making all kinds of lists and numbering them... what is my deal??

2. As seen above.... ITALY.... For whatever reason, I have been wanting to learn Italian and go to Italy and I'm excited about all that is Italy as seen in this post.... Buongiorno

3. Pleated, cuffed shorts... I really want a pair...

4. Gelato... I get a new kind every week and my husband calls it the 2 serving ice cream because we both eat it in one sitting...

This is the gelato place downtown... Luna Rosa

5. Wednesday morning interval runs: it's so much nicer to run in 60 degrees and breezy vs 80 degrees and muggy

6. STYLE BY BECCA... I'm going to blog more about this later but I just met Becca at my wednesday morning group a couple of weeks ago. She is really cute and her store looks really cute... I want some of this stuff...

Becca & her store

earrings I want from her store

cute dress

want this necklace

7. BLOGGING!!! I am having so much fun in the blogging world and while I don't have many followers, I hope someone is reading enjoying my blog!!!

some of my favs:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today is mother's day and I wanted to devote this blog to my mom. It's been very hard for her the past couple of months as my grandfather has been sick. She and my Aunt Michelle have taken the brunt of caring for him and THEY ARE TIRED.

So, hopefully, this blog will help her feel loved!!

Mom is really fun and as I've gotten older, I've realized how fun she is. She is just one of the gals and always ends up on girls' trips with me. Here are some memorable photos!

she likes tailgating

like, she really likes it

She's beautiful!

she likes to dance

and she likes to dance

and she likes Clemson

and she likes to dance...

and she likes Clemson...


Happy Mother's Day Terrie Walker!!!