Friday, October 21, 2011

Footbawww Fridie

That is pronounced Fry - die (heavy e). That's how southern people pronounce Friday. I had so many things I wanted to discuss today but I thought today would be a good day to talk about Football Traditions. The reason College Football is 1 million bajillion trablillion better than NFL is because of the traditions. Each school has some kind of song/cheer/entrance/animal that makes it unique. Here are my top 5 -

5. University of Georgia - UGA
Thanks to the Bleacher Report, I got a little information about how this tradition began. Apparently in 1943, an Georgia grad brought a bulldog to a game and they won. They adopted the English Bulldog as their mascot and officially became, - The Georgia Bulldogs. Since then, every UGA has been from the same bloodline as the original UGA.
According to Wiki, Russ is the current mascot and is only a fill in since UGA VII died of cancer earlier this year.

4. University of Arkansas - Woo Pig Sooie
Arkansas's mascot is a Razorback, which, again, according to Wikipedia, is a feral pig. And evidently, a feral pig comes to "Woo Pig Sooie". This is something you have to see to believe. It. is. awesome. 

This is how you learn it

This is it in action

3. Colorado University - Ralphie the Buffalo
I'm very grateful that I have been able to witness this in person. Clemson played Colorado in the Champs Sports Bowl, 2005. 

In 1934, students rented a bison to be at the game. The idea stuck and over the years, we were introduced to Ralphie. My experience with Ralphie was a shock because I did not expect them to bring a Buffalo to Orlando, FL. All of the sudden, I looked up and there was a huge buffalo running across the field, dragging two people behind him. That was Ralphie. 

2. University of Alabama - Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer
I heart this cheer. The band plays "The Hey Song" and sends a message to their opponent. The crowd will say, Hey _____ (insert university name here). Then they say "We just beat the hell out of you. Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Give 'em hell Alabamer"

One of my fav things ever....

and finally....

drrrruuummmm rrrrooollllllllll....

of course it's going to be Clemson - 

1. Clemson University - Howard's Rock 
Story is that a clemson alum brought part of the rock from the real Death Valley to Clemson's Death Valley. It sat in his office for several years until someone (not Howard) put it on a pedestal at the top of the hill. Clemson ran down the hill, touched the rock and beat University of Virginia that game. Howard then used that momentum and told the players, "Give me 110% or keep your filthy hands off of my rock". 
That was the beginning of what is described as the Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football. Now you've got some haters that like to run out of tunnel and say they're entrance is the best, but when multiple people do it, ahem university of miami, university of south carolina, ever high school team in the nation, ahem, it's not super special. But anywhos.... 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This was my view coming into to work today

My phone doesn't do it justice but you can see the rolling hills and tree tops. When you come the other way, you see mountain tops and it's so pretty! It's not like out west where the mountains are huge, we call them foothills. But they are really pretty and I love seeing them every morning. Greenville is beautiful. 

It's Thursday and I haven't worked out at all this week. I am going to run at lunch today, so that'll be nice but I am missing working out. I'm trying to just get through each day without slamming full of activities so unfortunately, due to house hunting, I haven't been able to work out. I'm at the point right now where getting up early is not happening. I haven't gone at lunch since I've been trying to study at lunch for yoga and I've had something to do every night. 

I plan on running at lunch and then Sunday, I have a 12 mile run, last long run before my half. I'm running with mom and we've been running together so I know I can do the long runs. I just miss getting out there and running. Sunday, I have yoga teacher training, but in the afternoon, I plan on running an 8/1 ratio since I'll be by myself. I'm going to take it easy, try to run around a 10:00 minute/10:15 pace and hopefully, I'll just enjoy every moment of it. 

It's nice running in October because it's warm enough to wear short sleeves but cool enough to not be dying while you run, usually mid 60's. Such nice weather to run in !!
I also hope to find out about the house today. We're replacing the roof, so we're hoping that last little bit will be good enough for them. We'll see... 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Home Decor Edition

It's time for...

Thanks Jaime for a cute blog and a fun thing to do on Wednesday's!!

I wanted to dedicate What I'm Loving Wednesday to the whole house scenario and funny enough, Jaime did the same with HGTV and Pinterest. So here are some things I'm loving...

1. Pinterest - I am not, what you would call, super gifted in the decorating department. I can take concepts (like I do with clothing) and put together an idea, but just give me a blank room and no direction, I struggle. I love pinterest because I can find all kinds of home decor ideas and put them together on a board so when it's time to decorate my new home, I have all my ideas in one place! Some cute things on my board - 

I love the idea of painting the back of a book case a different color. I know exactly what I'm going to do with this

This will be happening in my kitchen

I love the idea of gray and yellow together

2. Stumble Upon - I love the face that I can search using key word, home decor or interior design, and it will take me to several blogs with awesome decorating ideas. I've found so many cute blogs doing this and now I follow them. Hopefully, I can use their help in decorating my new house! Or my current one if it doesn't work out. 

Blogs I've found through Stumble upon - 

3. Craigslist - Since we will possibly be moving from a 1300 sq ft house to a 2200 sq foot house, I need furniture. I do not like spending money. The idea of spending lots of money on furniture stresses me out. So, I started looking on Craigslist to see what is one there and there is a LOT of cute stuff. I think the new couch will be new, but as far as dining room furniture, patio furniture, etc... we're going used! And I'm excited because they really have some cute things!!!

I like this one so if all the other stuff goes through, maybe... 

4. Target - I found some cute stuff there too. 

bad news, it's sold out, good news... it gives us time to save up money for when it gets warmer. They probably won't have new stuff out until next year, so I can just focus on the inside for a while. 

I need formal living room furniture, dining room furniture, a futon, and some furniture for my "yoga" room. Then two sets of patio furniture, because the house we want has not 1 outside porch, but 2. Yes, that is right. 2. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall for Greenville 2011

I don't think I listed this in my favorite things about Greenville, but we have lots of festivals here and the biggest one is Fall for Greenville. It's held downtown and features restaurants from all over the city. You buy tickets and then go to different food vendors to eat/drink whatever they have. It's my fav time of year.

Schnitzel Roll from Bavarian Pretzel Factory

I've heard a lot of good things about this restaurant and have been wanting to try it. This was okay, but it wasn't out of this world delish. I won't let it deter me from going to the restaurant though because I'm sure it's better there. 

p.s. my nail polish looks really good

Lemonade from Rosalinda's - this place is delish and I've been there before. Great Tacos Al Pastor

It gets super crowded and there's not really a great time to go. It's busy with families during the day and people looking to drink at night. 

My hubby eating the rest of my Schnitzel Roll. I can't eat the whole thing because I want to make sure I can eat lots of different things. We can spend a lot of money here. Give me a festival about food, I'm going to eat. 

The girls - they like Barley's... great pizza

 I made them take an action shot. Neely refused. 

Beignet's from some place, I can't remember the name. Not good. Although, I have had the infamous Cafe DuMond beignets, so I guess it's hard to compete. Someone also had beignets with peaches and I wish I had gotten that. 

The best cupcake place in Greenville, Iced - not Chocolate Mousse, not Cupcake Couture... Iced... Delicious. Jesse confirmed

Reedy River - so pretty!!! 

Next up - Oktoberfest!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Where we are with the house

It's been a crazy weekend. We hunted for houses, went back and forth with the buyers and still have no conclusion. They buyers are investors so they have no emotional attachment to the purchase. They are offering way low so we are trying to bring them up as much as possible. The other thing is that they have to inspect the home and there is a fear on our part that there may be an issue with our roof. We'd like to say, if you buy this house at this price, it's as is, but they have already expressed a concern with the roof.


in the meantime, we've found a house that we LOVE on the Eastside and are wanting to make an offer. We haven't heard a response with our last counter and that's what we need before moving forward.

How I'm feeling...

Stressed. I'd like to sell this house but it's getting to the point where it may not be in our best interest to do so. Assuming that they will buy as is, we're good to go. But if they want to offer so low AND us pay for a new roof, it's beginning to become unfeasible.

I know that it will work out the way it's supposed to but it's so hard to not have some emotion attached to the outcome. I'm stressed, excited, worried all in one and have had some trouble sleeping. That is unusual for me. I NEVER have a hard time sleeping.

We'll probably know later today about where we are with the acceptance but will still have to wait about 15 days for the inspection. AAUUUGGGHHH. This is very hard to do.

This is a time when I need to detach from emotion more than ever but am having a hard time doing so. Bleh.