Monday, October 31, 2011

Cat lady blogs

hello people from Skinny Runner! I really appreciate SR featuring me!! Please comment on my blogs because I like to hear what people say. And it doesnt' happen a lot... so

do it. now.


  1. Hi Wendi, Glad to find another blogger in the Greenville area! Good luck for you marathon this coming weekend! Have fun!!

  2. So glad to see you on Skinny Runner AND find another Greenville blogger! I'm starting to think there are more of us out there than I thought! Random, but you were the Go Run leader at the one run I went to. Small world. Love your blog!

  3. hi! i'm new from SR...can't wait to get caught up on your bloggy!

  4. Yay! I'm excited to find more bloggers in Greenville. I was thinking there had to be more but wasn't sure!!! I'm following you both!!

    p.s. Katie, I'm not doing GO RUn anymore but am still training and will probably do the Greer Earth Day Half in april.

  5. K,

    I'm glad you came by too!!!! Thanks for commenting!!

  6. Hi Wendi !

    I came over from SR. Looking forward to your posts !

    I'll be running the Savannah Half also,hope to see you out there !
    from South FL by way of Pittsburgh

  7. Hi! I'm here from sr too!...but the only reason I jumped over was because I noticed in one of your pictures that you're sitting outside of one of my favorite bars in Clemson! Just kidding, I liked what you had to say too!!! From one Clemson and now Greenville girl to another, I'll be reading your blog regularly! Best to you--

  8. I am not located anywhere near you but I love me some running bloggers!!!