Monday, November 21, 2011

Yoga Teacher Training Weekend #4

If you saw my post yesterday, you got a preview of the types of poses we did. We focused on Bow pose and half bow - both of which are not my favs :)  We also focused on some theory, which I LOVE, and anatomy.

Theme for the weekend - 
So this weekend was based around the Manipura Chakra -

*your intuition
*associated with digestion, adrenal system, endocrine system
*too open - a person can be overly aggressive, abrasive, have digestion issues
*too closed - a person can have low self esteem, no confidence in decision making


Bow Pose

Half Bow Pose

Boat Pose


We had a physical therapist come into class and teach us about the shoulder. 

*learn the 3 bones of the shoulder - 




*the 4 major muscles of the rotator cuff

I also got a new pair of pants that I love. 

Woot Woot!!!

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