Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is around the corner and being an adult in her 30's, Christmas really isn't about me. It's about my two stepdaughters mainly, the about my parents. James & I just bought a house and took a big trip to Las Vegas, so that is pretty what what we're getting for Christmas. But in a world of make believe, there are some things I'd like if I Santa was real and brought me things that I didn't have to pay for myself. Here are some of those things -

1. an iTunes Gift Card
I really want these cds -

*Country Strong Soundtrack - we all know my obsession
*New, and by new, new to me because this has been out for a while, Sara Bareilles cd

*She & Him christmas cd

*there were some others but I can't seem to remember them

2. Orange Bowl Tickets, a flight and a hotel room
I have been to years and years of crappy bowl games. The Music City Bowl, the Champs Sports Bowl, the Peach Bowl (3 times), and now that we're finally in a BCS bowl, I can't go because of the house/vegas trip. But since we're dreaming, Santa, can you bring me 2 of the 3 items above for christmas? Preferably the most expensive ones, the flight and hotel?? Thanks

3. Toms
I want some Toms - the end. 

4. New Everyday China

I really really really want these but they're $30 a place setting which is kind of a lot for everyday

*****all of these are from Bed, Bath and Beyond

5. A Year Membership to Pivotal
This gym is right across from my house and although I plan on building a gym at home, it takes time and money, so in the meantime, I'd like a membership here please. 

6. Black Boots

these are at Dillard's

7. A Winter Coat (even if it's 70 degrees here today)

but I want the one in camel

So, that's my make believe christmas list! 


  1. Wish lists are my favorite. I completely agree with wanting a pair of toms. One pair had a teal sole with a neutral color for the rest. I am in love with them.

    I'm thinking a Greenville blogger run is necessary after the holidays. Interested?

  2. ABSOLUTELY!! I definitely want to meet up with y'all because I have been kind of searching for Greenville Bloggers! Yay!