Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinterest Recipe

So I tried a new Pinterest recipe

I was a little nervous with the ingredients - 

Green Smoothie —
1 cup baby spinach
1 cup kale
1 pear
1 ½ cup of orange juice
1 frozen banana.

1. I forgot about the banana completely 
2. I wanted some kind of consistency and depth, so I actually added a tsp of greek yogurt and honey - had I remembered the banana, I don't think I would've needed that stuff

I was like, oh crap, is this going to be like nasty green crap going down my throat? But actually, it was pretty good! I think had I put the banana in, it would've been delish. It's 11:13 am now and I'm just getting hungry, so it lasted longer than I thought. 

This is the left over cup - 


Namaste Y'all (this is going to be my new signature - I know I am silly) 

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