Monday, November 26, 2012

Deserving Gifts

One lesson I've learned over the years is that I can't live with an attitude of scarcity. The first lesson I learned was in my own job. I would get so stressed by others being successful when in reality, there was enough for everyone to be successful. As I studied A Course In Miracles, it talks of scarcity and the idea that the more we operate from it, the more we have. Here is a quote - 

Quote of the Day
"Miracles shift us from a 'get' to a 'give' mentality. The desire to get something reflects a core belief that we don't have already. As long as we believe there is scarcity inside us, we'll continue to manufacture scarcity around us because that is our basic thought. No matter what we get, it will never be enough."

— Excerpted from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

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I began to operate from a place of giving vs getting and my life changed significantly. I became more financially stable and although I was giving more, I started to receive more. Father Pat told us something when we started discussing tithing, he said that give the church $100 and see what happens. If you don't receive your money back tenfold, then he'd give you back your $100. The people that did it told him it was amazing how what he said came true. I don't feel the same call to tithe to the church as much as I feel a call to give money to people in need. 

But the idea of giving in place of scarcity is not the purpose of my post today. The purpose of my post is to whom shall I give? 

I had a couple of discussions this weekend regarding giving and who is worthy of the gift. I don't know if this is everywhere or just the US, but if you followed the election at all, you see there's an idea of giving to people who deserve it. Some people don't work hard enough to get handouts. Some people haven't earned the right of help from others. America is about earning. We've done a great job of building the American dream. If you work hard, you can earn your way into richness. Hard work is rewarded and there always seems to be an argument between people about who works the hardest. 

I've experience this own struggle within myself. There was a time in my life where I didn't feel worthy of God's grace. I didn't feel like He was going to help me because I hadn't earned it. I thought, why would God help me, I haven't done anything to earn His grace so I'm just going to be left out in the cold. I've made mistakes in my life and I haven't been what He wanted. 

The definition of grace:  unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification

Unmerited is the key word. Jesus didn't hang out with all of the people that were deemed worthy of his grace and forgiveness, he hung out with the sick, the rejected. God doesn't promise grace to people that are good, in fact, he says, we don't deserve it. If my goal in life is to be as God is, to have the same qualities that He has, shouldn't I be willing to love in the way He does? 

So maybe the gift in giving is not to give to someone who deserves  it, but to give in spite of our own judgments, to give to people in need. How would the world change if we just told everyone, I love you and I'm going to help you, no matter what. What if we gave up the idea of scarcity and just realized that God performs miracles? Maybe by giving, I'm opening up a pathway for God's grace to someone else. I know that when I received God's grace in spite of deserving it, I wanted to be better. 

It's not a popular thought, but I feel the lesson I've learned is that it's not my job to judge and then give, it's my job to just take the action and allow the miracle to happen. If I have to sacrifice a little so that someone else can have a little, then so be it, but it's been my experience that when I give of myself, I've never been without. 

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