Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pregnancy Update - Week 32

A couple of weeks ago, Murrells Inlet, SC

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and really, almost 33 weeks. This pregnancy has been different in so many ways but I'm not sure if it's actually different or if it's just that I now have a toddler. 

Emotional Nutbag: Yes - that is me. I have cried almost every single day for the last 2 weeks. Sometimes, for over an hour. I think part of the challenge this time is mom guilt, and it can eat at me pretty hard some days. It affects my self esteem A LOT. I can also feel super lonely but I don't really want to do anything about it. Like, I feel bad that I feel lonely but I don't feel like reaching out or socializing much. Either way, all of those emotions are just getting to me. I want to be normal again!

Fatigue: I feel bad complaining because honestly, I have had such an easy pregnancy, even easier than last time. I'm just now hitting the fatigue stage, but since I have a toddler, I can't really rest when I want. Yesterday, I was so tired, Ellie just watched tv while I laid down. Then the mom guilt kicks in and we're back to number 1. Hopefully, I won't be super tired every day for the next 7 weeks.

Discomfort: Last time, I actually had bad back pain the entire pregnancy. This time, it's just now starting and today is the first day where it's really uncomfortable. When I lay down, I sometimes feel like I can't breathe, probably because my massive boobs are smashing my chest and lungs. 

With Ellie, I was so positive the whole time, and I didn't really feel the push to have her, but right now, I'm kind of over being pregnant and am ready for him to come. I have 7.5 more weeks but maybe he'll come a week early? 

Really, I feel bad complaining because I have super easy pregnancies. I'm usually very healthy, my blood pressure always stays low, not too much pain, nausea (after the first trimester anyway), headaches, etc. It's nothing like the horror stories I've heard. I'm very grateful that I'm healthy and seem to do a good job carrying my babies :)

I am also ready for him to come because I'd just like to meet him. I haven't been able to bond with him as much but there are moments when I do and I'm excited to have another little baby to love. In the meantime, here are some photos from our family photo shoot:

Photography: Liv Collins,

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