Saturday, March 26, 2011

We're making it day by day

This week, I have been trying to get back into some type of schedule as far as working out goes. Monday, I ran with my friends Meredith and Jeanne. Both have been very supportive during this time and I appreciate that!! It's so nice to realize you have caring friends that are truly concerned about you and your family's well being. I decided that because I don't have a specific race in mind right now, and because I am awaiting my acceptance into the NY Marathon (who knows), I'll just start my half marathon training (provided by the great Holly Di Giovine) (i hope I didn't butcher her last name) so monday was run 6 minute intervals, rest 4 minutes 4 times. I hadn't run in 2 weeks and it was tough. We were also running fast (Jeanne and Meredith are speed demons) so that probably didn't make it much more enjoyable, but I did it. Tuesday, I did a circuit training/crossfit style workout with Meredith again. Wednesday, yoga class and by thursday, I was pooped. I have been going to the hospital every day after work to spend time with Granddaddy and then tuesday night, I stayed with him. I slept pretty good, but its always tiring when it's not your normal routine. By thursday, I had a hard time waking up for work. I didn't work out that day. Actually, I was going to possibly workout after seeing granddaddy, but he asked me to stay so I didn't leave until about 9 pm.

I was excited to find a new website (by find, I mean, I saw it on my friend, Traci Larkins blog, You can enter your daily workouts in and it posts them on facebook, twitter and your blog! How fun. So, I have been playing with that this week.

Last night, I did my second running workout of the week which was sprint 2 minutes on, walk 2 minutes, 8 sets. I did a warm up jog for 10 minutes but I got to my house by the end of the 7th set. It felt good to run. Those 2 minutes were hard, I was uncomfortable, and according to my Garmin, I was hitting an 8 minute mile, but it felt good. I love the way running feels when you use proper form. It's hard to sustain for long periods of time, but I imagine this is what Kara Goucher feels like when she runs. I feel so powerful and strong. I think that's why I like interval work so much because I get little bursts of feeling so strong. I hope that as I continue to train, I can maintain a pace like that much longer than 2 minutes.

I needed that run because I was nervous about staying with granddaddy. He has been struggling and i was afraid something would happen with his heart. The doctor said there was no blood clot so all we have to do is just wait it out. That made me feel better, but I can't lie, I was nervous about him going into cardiac arrest or something lie that. He slept all night and actually, is still sleeping at 8:45 am. I think he needed the rest.

So, we'll see how the rest of the weekend goes and the week. I'm going to try to run again this weekend and then get back into my normal routine during the week.

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