Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's tuesday!!!!

I couldn't think of a clever title. I need to get more creative. I just want to talk about a lot of different things so it was hard to narrow it down :)

my workout for Monday, April 25th
I was supposed to do an easy 20 minute run but I did a hard 30 minute run jog.

Location: Thornblade or what I like to call, the hilliest place on earth
Time: 32:36
Distance: 3.11 miles
How did I feel: I HATE HATE HATE HATE running in the heat. But I live in SC and it's hot here. SO I need to get over it. I was hot, I was dehydrated, my shins were killing me. These are the runs that I hope will make me stronger

my workout for today was supposed to be a rest day
I did the Nike Training Club workout from my iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, you absolutely need to get this app, NTC
It's basically Circuit Training and it includes medicine ball push ups, push ups with frogger, leg raises, burpees, russian twists, etc etc etc. It's a full body workout and each exercise is anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I love it when I don't feel like making up something.

I was starving when I was done and I brought my lunch to work which included a premade salad from Whole Foods and home made spaghetti. Let me just say that I used whole grain noodles, organic marinara and grass fed beef.

The kit!!

The salad

I added some berries on my own

Third: Tomorrow is the big day. I find out if I'm accepted into the largest marathon in the US, the NYC Marathon. It's my first year trying to get in, so I doubt I'll be accepted, but fingers are crossed!!

Lastly, every time I drive to Travelers Rest to see my grandfather, I enjoy the beautiful scenery. South Carolina is absolutely gorgeous, and specifically, the upstate. Everyone thinks of Charleston, but I love the mountains and I love being able to see them when I drive north.


  1. Well! I love shopping at whole foods. I also think it's really important that if you eat meat, it should be as natural, and hormone free as possible. So, kudos on eating the grass fed beef!

  2. All the meat I eat is organic, grass fed, etc etc. I usually look at the rating system at Whole Foods! I like that it helps me see how processed everything is!