Monday, June 6, 2011

My Afternoon Trip to Italy


How many blog posts am I going to start with that word? This afternoon, I went to Italy downtown Greenville to visit a little place called Luna Rosa. As we all know, I am obsessed with Italy right now and I just wanted to have a peaceful lunch with some prosciutto and gelato. I ate lunch by myself which always makes me nervous, but for whatever reason, I really had no fear about it. I didn't really even try to find someone to go with me, I just made the plan to go by myself.

My table:

LOVE the flowers

My view:

downtown Greenville is so awesome

My main course: a Prosciutto Panini with a side salad

I wish it had just a couple more tomatoes

all done!!

and INFINE....

I got to sample two types of gelato....
chocolate something... it was so good and grapefruit sorbeto... happy to get a little preview of my final product... I chose the chocolate, but went with lemon instead of the grapefruit... 

By the time I got to my gelato, I was kind of full... but I promise you this... I ATE EVERY LAST BITE...and I do NOT feel guilty because it was so good. 

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