Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Version of Paleo

So I don't think that I've mentioned this at all on my blog but I have been really struggling with nausea for the last couple of months. Really, for the last couple of years, but it hit me hard in the spring. I just basically feel nauseous all the time. After I eat especially and sometimes, it's not bad, sometimes, it's so bad, I just have to go to bed. It's nothing major, but it's annoying to feel bad all of the time. I went to the doctor and after $300 (out of pocket) worth of tests, I got nothing but a stupid prescription that doesn't work, so that confirms  my thoughts about our healthcare system in that we can cure a rare form of cancer that no one's ever heard of but cannot cure common systems for the every day man. SO... with that being said, I have been on a quest to figure out the issue that I have and how to fix it. I have talked to several people and we've narrowed it down to either a possible dairy allergy or a gluten allergy. What I would like to say is that this is devastating to me since I love both dairy and items made with wheat so I'm like, damn....

I'm trying to eat my version of paleo because I've heard people have success with this. I absolutely hate extreme dieting. I think cutting out any major food group can cause some disordered eating, that which I am prone to, and I am VERY nervous about trying this but I think, if it's going to make me feel better, why not?

So I've created a list of rules to help me try to implement this without getting too crazy:

1. if I really want something, I'm still going to eat it. I just need to think about it a little more
2. instead of cutting out all dairy, I think I'm going to try to limit it to one serving per day
3. i am NOT going to cut out all grains. I'm just going to try to focus on some alternative ones. My oatmeal is gluten free, so I'm going to still eat it. There are other options for grains other than wheat and many of them are gluten free. I'm happy to say I have a book that has recipes for that!

Those are my guidelines. I'm sure that any hard core paleo person would disagree with me, but I think you have to tailor things to fit your lifestyle, because I don't think anything is one size fits all.

WendiPaleo Day 1:

Breakfast: 4 peaches (I struggle with protein because I don't have time to cook eggs and I don't love hard boiled eggs) so I just basically ate peaches until I was full. Nice!

Lunch: grilled chicken breast, salad with spring greens, cherry tomatoes, olives, balsamic vinaigerette and some feta cheese. asparagus

Snack 1: banana and almonds/cashews
Snack 2: berries and almonds/cashews
snack 3: banana and almonds/cashews

dinner: rotisserie chicken and asparagus
I did have half a serving of peach cobbler (my mother in law makes the best and she made it) but I gave my husband most of the bread part

Overall, I felt pretty good. I didn't crave anything or feel like I'm missing out on anything, so that's key. Once I start feeling like I'm missing out on life, that's when I get crazy.

In other news, I did run 9 miles yesterday, 6 in the morning, 3 at night. It was terrible the whole time, but i did it. BAM

Do you have any experience with paleo?
Do you have any food allergies?


  1. Hi Wendi! Have you ever looked into eating for your blood type? I'm type O, and had always wondered why, no matter how whole the grain, I gain weight when they're a part of my diet (and generally feel like poo). Type Os also don't handle a lot of dairy very well either. The blood type diet doesn't cut out entire groups of food (which I don't agree with either), it just guides you to your most beneficial, your allowed, and your foods not allowed. (So I can have dairy, but feta and mozzarella are tolerated far better than cheddar, for example). It might help if you haven't tried it already. Glad you felt better yesterday! :-) Great blog, by the way!

  2. I need to look into that because I can have softer cheese, but if I eat anything kind of cheese like cheddar, or a harder cheese, it usually makes me sick. Thanks!!