Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here we go again...

Training this week -

Monday & Tuesday - rest from my long run Sunday
Wednesday - 6 minute intervals with a 4 minute rest - 4 times - 5.4 miles
Thursday - I'm going to swim tonight - and actually, since I haven't swam in forever, I'm just going to swim 25's
Friday - Run - run 2 minutes fast, jog 2 minutes, repeat 8-10 times
Saturday - this is game day. I do not know what I will be doing since I will be in Clemson by 9 am
Sunday - 8-10 miles non stop

*Wednesday's run was really nice. I'm not sure what my splits were because I haven't reviewed the history in my Garmin, but it felt nice to have a longer interval. Those are harder for me and really help me develop speed.
*I'm nervous about swimming tonight because it's been several weeks. That means I'm going to be flailing around like a crazy person but that's what happens when you don't swim. It's not like riding a bike.


I would show you my outfit today for my fashion thing but I'm too lazy to get someone to take my pic. 


So one thing that really makes me mad is when the media villianizes (my spell check doesn't even recognize this so I have no idea how to spell it) athletes. I've written about it before in another blog and I heard it again today. People are dogging out Chad Ochocinco because he didn't do well in his first game with the Patriots. They are saying he should stop tweeting and start focusing on football. 

It REALLY bothers me that the media/football fan base loves to ridicule athletes. They blame them for games being won/lost, they blame them for not being focused enough, they blame them for being too obnoxious, etc etc etc. 

Barefoot Contessa turned down a child twice from the make a wish foundation. A little boy had leukemia, he asked to cook with Barefoot Contessa, and she said no. Twice. Is she getting blasted in the media for that? No. But Ochocinco is getting blasted for tweeting that he likes the team he's playing for. Ridiculous. 

Most of these guys are in their twenties, they have a lot of money and fame, WHICH YOU ARE GIVING TO THEM BY GOING TO GAMES, WEARING THEIR JERSEYS, DISCUSSING THEIR STATS, BLAH BLAH BLAH, and then you get mad when they aren't the perfect picture of obedience and discipline. No, people. No No. 

What were you like at 23? If you were perfect and NEVER did anything wrong, then congrats. I'm glad that you are awesome. But most people are not. And I am truly grateful that I didn't have the spot light put on me when I was 23 and had everyone and their mother discussing the mistakes I made. Because I will tell you, it wouldn't be pretty. 

So anyway, i'm off of my soapbox. Thanks

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