Monday, September 12, 2011

Key Training Run #4 - 120-150 minutes

Yesterday, my key training run was to run 120-150 minutes. I had no issues at 120 so I went for 150, of course. I always like to do the top number... and then some.

Here's how my weekend went:
*Went to Atlanta for a wedding Saturday
*Wore heels to the wedding and reception
*Danced in said heels all night long
*Rode back from Atlanta Sunday morning
*Ate Zaxby's on the ride home at lunch

So... at 5:30 pm when it was time to run for 150 minutes, I had not done a great job of preparing. I knew this run would be tough but also knew that I had to do it no matter what.

How it went - it was okay. The first part of the run was pretty good. I was running very slow, my ratio was run 3, walk 1 and I was averaging around an 11 minute mile. I wasn't sure what it would be like to run the whole time, so I wanted to take it easy. Around mile 6, I looked at my mileage and thought... wow... for me to have only run 6 miles, I am already hurting. Around mile 12, I was thinking, oh my gosh, my back, right leg, right hamstring, everything on the right side of my body hurts. This doesn't seem good. The last mile, I ran 1 minute, walked 1 minute and while I was in pain while walking, I actually felt strong while running. It was weird.

What I saw on my run -

They had aligned the Swamp Rabbit Trail with American Flags in honor of 9/11. I thought that was so cool!!!

The way the sun was setting over this field was really neat. I noticed on the way out and on the way back, really wanted to take a picture. 

The swamp rabbit trail is so pretty and fun to run on. I was nervous a couple of times because it was getting dark. I am usually never nervous, but for whatever reason, I felt a little on guard. I probably need to get some mace. But it was beautiful and peaceful and I enjoy running there, especially without music. 

What I took away from this run -

1. I'm glad I have 8 more weeks. I think I've got to buckle down and get serious now
2. I have to be more consistent in cross training
3. I am hoping that my legs hurt so badly because I had been dancing on them the night before. Otherwise, i'm in trouble
4. I got very nauseous around mile 8, another thing I am hoping is just a result from eating zaxby's and is not from Gu because Gu is the ONLY thing I can eat while running. considering I've done 2 half marathons with Gu and I was fine, I think it was the zaxby's. 

I think I'm also going to increase my distance during taper weeks because the schedule says if you can hold a consistent pace without injury, you can add up to 4 miles. I have been able to do so which means, I probably have the ability to add some miles. 

I'll blog about the wedding separately because it was so much fun!

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