Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Official

I am NOT running the marathon. I talked to my running buddies, Meredith and Justina, as well as a couple of people close to me, Lori, and they all agreed. Actually Meredith & Justina were ecstatic that we aren't running the marathon. Lori said she wanted to tell me that the other day when I was talking about how stressed I was but that she didn't want me to think that she didn't think that I couldn't do it. Mouthful.

After I wrote about possibly not doing the race, I lost a follower. Whoops. I don't have a lot of being with. But oh well, what can you do?

One thing that is super important to me is balance. And right now, I'm not feeling very balanced. I have no down time, I have very little time with my husband, and honestly, that's more important to me than running a marathon right now. In fact, I think had I decided to do it, it would've been ego based and I definitely don't want that to be what leads me to my decision.

So... my races for the next couple of months -

Spinx Runfest 5k, October 29th
Rock N Roll Savannah HALF Marathon, november 5th
Rock N Roll Vegas half marathon, december 4th

Then for 2012, I have the Parris Island Sprint Triathlon and that is going to be my focus next year. Triathlons. I really enjoy cross training and I think it'd be more fun to do a multi sport race than not.

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