Friday, November 18, 2011

Pics from Savannah

So I finally uploaded my pics from my computer to Facebook so I can FINALLY show them to you. I know friday is usually football friday, but I've run out of ideas which is why I'm going to post the pics from Savannah.

p.s. these pictures are out of order because I am lazy and didn't feel like organizing them better

My grandmother and I - the riverfront is in the background and we're near antique stores on bay street

our medal - so pretty!!

I seem to be so much more excited about this pic than my mom

the line to get to the ferry

this was the route near the end of the half - it was so pretty I had to take a picture


Mom & I arriving into Savannah after some confusion from my iPhone

Belford's fried green tomatoes - so so so so good

Mom & grandma posing in spite of not wanting to in front of the riverfront

representing On On Tri!!!

The crowd - all 23,000 of us getting ready to run!

my walk home from yoga sunday morning - this is why Savannah is beauitful

grandma & I

fish sandwich at Belford's - again, delish

mom pre-race

mom post race - she finished her first half marathon!!!

I will run this race again because Savannah is so awesome and while it may be a little less fun to get around logistically, not many cities can claim the beauty of the historic district in Savannah. I'm also used to disorder because that's how we do!! (in the south) 


  1. Love seeing your pictures! I'm still bummed that we weren't able to meet up in Savannah! My husband says that I need to frame my medal with my MRI report. Remember those shin splints I thought I had leading up to the race? Turns out it was a minor stress fracture. After hobbling my way to the finish line, straight to the medic tent for ice and then back to the B&B, I was unable to even stand on my leg - the minor stress fracture became a break 3/4 the way across my tibia. 3 weeks down and 10 more to go on crutches and in a brace BUT, I'm no longer disappointed in my race time - I ran it on a broken leg! Little consolation though since I won't be able to even think about running for 3 months and then another 3 months before I can race. :-( So, I'll continue to read about those who can. Good luck in Las Vegas!

  2. Denise,

    I can't believe you had a stress fracture!!! You definitely have to learn to listen to your body! But I'm so proud of you, that is awesome!! I hope we get to meet up someday soon!