Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tortilla Maria - Yummmmmmia....

Ok, that might have been a stretch but whatevs.

I accidentally found a new place in Greenville called Tortilla Maria. It is a locally owned, state funded, Mexican Restaurant with organic, fresh ingredients.

The owner is a half German, half Parisian man who moved to Greenville with his half Mexican, half American wife. He had a career as an engineer, but decided to start this business in South Carolina. He is working on a lot of things, and even has a deal with the hospital and school system to sell his tortillas. They are made right there in his store!!

I have been twice this week because after eating there once, I just HAD to go back. The food is so good. The corn tortillas were soft and you can get them with all kinds of things. On my first visit, I had the chicken tacos, the second, I went with the special, the pork rib tacos. 

They were sooooo good. Each time, the taco had home made soft corn tortillas, some type of organic meat (the ribs were cooked in an oven until the pork fell off the bone), fresh onions and cilantro. You had the choice of different types of salsa and then a sour cream type sauce. 

Each dish comes with a side of black beans and spanish rice. You can get a green ice tea which has no sugar added, mexican coke (not made with high fructose corn syrup), etc. 

I loved that the ingredients were fresh and healthy. What I will say is if you are not used to eating healthy, this might taste a bit bland (ask my husband) because they don't use salt, and things like that. 

What I did not get was the soup, but I tasted it and it was delicious. I think he used some type of cumin, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. 

I HIGHLY recommend tortilla maria because it's a healthy option and a local business!!!


  1. OMG! I have to try this place! Where is it in Greenville?

  2. It's in the same shopping center as 90 degree yoga and Irashai. It's right beside Lola's italian restaurant on Pelham rd.

  3. Hi Wendi, There is a deal on Deal Chicken for Tortilla Maria's. I thought you might be interested! ;-)

  4. Actually, Bahram is not Parisian but half Iranian, and Maria is an American citizen--her mom is orginially from Mexico!

    1. hmmm... interesting. He told me he was half Parisian/half german. my mistake - it was delicious though!