Saturday, January 7, 2012

What do I do???

I had someone ask me the other day which would be better to do if you can only do one, Yoga or Crossfit? This got me to thinking, what would be better? Why do we even have to choose!!! Because stuff is expensive and time is precious. So how do you decide?? I think the easy answer is.........

IT DEPENDS!!! Things to consider -

1) What is your goal?
2) Where is most of your experience?
3) How much do you have to spend?

Here are some different "types" of working out, pros and cons -

Globo Gym
By globo gym, I just mean your normal gym. It has a cardio area, a weight area, classes, possibly a pool, lots of different things.


  • variety
  • atmosphere is controlled (heat or air)
  • access to a pool
  • people to help guide you
  • If you want yoga, these classes are typically pretty bad
  • it's hard to do circuit training/crossfit style stuff because you cannot hold a treadmill and/or piece of equipment
  • lots and lots of people, especially at the beginning of the year

Crossfit Gym
Unless you live in a remote place that is completely unpopulated, you probably have access to a crossfit gym. If we have them in SC, you got 'em anywhere

  • I say this is the best type of exercise - it varies, it's short and it includes strength, aerobic and anaerobic activity all in one day with a little bow on top
  • It's specialized and it's the closest thing to get to a personal trainer without paying for a personal trainer
  • It can be costly - $100 and up per month per person - eesssshhhhh
  • I am not always convinced that everyone that opens a box knows what they're doing - do your research - form in olympic lifting is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - NOT THE WEIGHT- YOUR FFFFFFOOOOOOORRRRRRMMMMMMM


Now if the ONLY THING I could do at all and never could do anything else, I would do yoga. I believe that it is the perfect combination of stretching, strength, calming, centering activity I can do. For me, I'd rather run outside, work out at home and then pay for yoga because I can do that and I value yoga over anything. The only downside I see for others is if they have a different goal in mind and don't have access to any other types of exercise. 

Common misconceptions about yoga
- it's just stretchy stretchy
- your heart rate never elevates
- it's only for granola people

If you have the right teacher and are doing the poses correctly, this is as strengthening as anything else. I have definitely gotten my butt beaten in yoga class!!! Even if the studio is not hot, I have still gotten an elevated heart rate AND while I am probably a bit granola, it's open to all :)

How to choose for you?? 

My recommendation is this - pay for what you don't know a whole lot about and do the rest on your own. For me, I did crossfit for 2 years and studied form by reading books, etc. I understand how to do the olympic lifts, I know how to read the main site, and I've got the equipment to build a home gym. I don't feel the need to go to a xfit gym and in fact, I prefer not to because I like following the main site and not doing what the guys have prescribed that day - I have more confidence in the programming of the website people over what's available in the boxes. I can run outside, and I can bike outside so those are covered. That leaves me with yoga. and while I'm in yoga teacher training, I still have so much to learn and I love Karen's classes at Yoganize. 


You don't have to choose if you look carefully. You can usually find free or community classes in your city. There are always new teachers trying to learn so they offer $5 classes. We have a church here that has a free class on Tuesdays. If you are new to yoga - I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOME BEGINNER CLASSES - that way, you can learn the poses and make sure you are doing them correctly. Once you feel fairly confident in your basic knowledge, you can try some videos online. 

Some great resources - 

*You Tube!! They have lots of yoga videos FFFRREEEEEEEE
*Yoga Download - there are free 20 minute videos, classes you can buy for $2-$10 and you can just get a weekly/monthly or yearly subscription that is pretty cheap. They usually include some type of sheet to help with poses when you download a class
*Sean Ecorn??? - I saved this to my computer to look at one, but have never done it.

I assume there are many more.

Hopefully that helps - there are so many different options and it's important to find what fits your schedule and your lifestyle AND YOUR GOAL!!

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