Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Fact Friday


Yay!! Today is fun fact friday and that also means it's friday which is exciting! What can we learn today about Rwanda??? I am using TripAdvisor today to see what exactly i can do. Obviously, I'll be volunteering most of the time, so I doubt I'll get to do a lot, but just in case, I'd like to see what's out there. 


This is a center to help remember the Genocide in the 90's. On the website, it's described as - 

"The Centre includes three permanent exhibitions, the largest of which documents the genocide in 1994. There is also a children's memorial, and an exhibition on the history of genocidal violence around the world. The Education Centre, Memorial Gardens and National Documentation Centre of the Genocide all contribute to a meaningful tribute to those who perished, and form a powerful educational tool for the next generation."

Wildlife Tours

It looks like there are lots of National Parks -

Bird Watching - 

Community Tours

and many other things - 

That one seems the most interesting, but I'm not sure how long you are gone. I can only be there the assigned 2 weeks because of work - so there's not way I could take an extra week to do that :(. I'm also eager to learn about every day life in Rwanda. I have been reading a couple of blogs about Rwanda and it's really neat to hear their perspectives. 

I still have lots of stuff to do, the first thing being booking the flights - the $2,000 flights :(


  1. I was all excited about fun fact friday. I must say a little disappointed. So I looked up my own that woud be more "fun"!
    Here is one: Human birth control pills work also on gorillas..
    Sorry, just giving you a hard time.

    1. it's fun because we're learning about Africa!!!! Don't you love to learn Dr Rob?????

  2. You should definitely try to see the gorillas...the lady I worked for at the travel store did it and said its incredible! :)

  3. Rwanda looks beautiful. I would be so sad going to the memorial.