Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Fact Friday


Today's fun fact - an airplane ticket from Charlotte, NC to Kigali, Rwanda costs exactly $2,396.00 - I know this because I FINALLY BOOKED MY FLIGHT!!! So it's real. I'm going. There's no turning back. 

I'm not going to lie - when I finally booked it, I felt a little butterflies in my stomach. I do not know why. I guess I'm just a little nervous. I know that people take these trips all the time and they are always fine, but I still have some fear with traveling by myself, staying 2 weeks by myself in a foreign country and even just being a good volunteer. 

My flight schedule - 

  Location Destination
Trip  Charlotte, NC Washington DC
   Departs 12:35:00 PM Arrives 4:03:00 PM
to  Washington DC Brussels
  Departs 5:49 PM Arrives 7:15 AM
Rwanda Brussels Kigali
  Departs 10:40 AM Arrives 6:45 PM
  Kigali Brussels
Trip Departs 8:00 PM Arrives 6:15 AM
  Brussels Washington DC
Home Departs 12:00 PM  Arrives 2:12 PM
  Washington DC Charlotte, NC
  Departs 5:20 PM Arrives 6:53 PM

I'm ready to go!!!! 


  1. Yayyyyy... this is exciting! Oh and I totally get being nervous about it, but you'll be fine!!

    1. Thank you!!! Im excited too!! more excited than nervous

  2. Travel safely and have so much fun! I am sure you will be changed in so many ways when you return, and I hope many happy memories await you on those foreign shores :)