Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Recap and My Workout Plan

This weekend, mu husband and I went to visit some friends in Chattanooga. We left late friday afternoon and came back yesterday afternoon. I'll do a Chattanooga review later in the week but that was the main thing that we did.

a view from my friend's neighborhood

My Workout Plan for the Week - 

Monday - I'm going to walk 2 miles and then do AMRAP of burpees (per the xfit website last week)
*I've been wanting to incorporate some walking into my working out simply because I think it's a nice thing to do to as a compliment to running 
Tuesday - downtown running group - probably 1/4 mile repeats - then later - Yoga
Wednesday - Weights
Thursday - Running group downtown - speed workout - probably 30-90 second repeats - lunch time yoga would be good too
Friday -  I think I'll be doing Holly's boot camp on Friday mornings, I don't know for sure
Saturday - I have yoga teacher training this weekend but I really hope that I can get in a run this morning
Sunday - Rest

How was your weekend?
Workout plans for the week? 

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