Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Blog Edition

I have found a couple of new blogs recently that I absolutely adore so I thought I would dedicate WILW to blog lovin'

Yummy new cooking blog and she actually lists out the ingredients and how much they cost. I have gotten my best recipes from blogs and Pinterest so I was excited to find this one. Her most recent recipe - 

how good does that look??

This blog has before and after projects around the house. I LOVE seeing what people do in their homes and it helps give me inspiration too. In face, there was one post that I saw that gave me an idea for my dining room!!

This is a blog about healthy living. The post for today is how to choose which herbs to grow. I am hoping to learn some new things about being a more green, healthy household. 

I found this blog from Pinterest. There were so many cute outfits so I thought I'd see where they were coming from. 

I'm sure that you've seen her stuff on Pinterest. She has some cute ideas and I love the whole country cottage decor. 

Other Pinterest finds this week 

I don't' know the source because it wasn't pinned correctly

Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. Wow! I feel SO INCREDIBLY HONORED to make your list. Thank you!!! And I love that outfit on the bottom. Actually, I like both. Now I want to go shopping. ;)