Saturday, April 23, 2011

5k for Kenya

Today was the 5k for Kenya. We started at University Ridge downtown at 8:30 am. This race was special to me because the cause is so important. All of the proceeds go to the The Kenya Initiative which provides food, water and jobs to refugees in Kenya. It was a very small race and the first year it's ever happened, so operations were small. I would say 50 people ran and it was an out and back. My time was amazing, but I kind of think it may not have been quite a 5k. I have no way of knowing as I didn't bring my Garmin and my RunKeeper Pro lost signal halfway through the run.

5k for Kenya
time: 27:22
How i felt: my legs were on fire including my shins

I have taken too much time off after my half and now I'm paying the consequences. My legs are sore from running this week and I've only run 8 miles :(. I'm going to give myself a break and just allow myself some time to get back into it. Wednesday, all of us NYC Marathon lottery participants find out our fate!! In the meantime, here are some pics from the race:

Brian placed in his age group - and he's doing a funny pose

The top 3 females... my friend Holly is to the left in all black

There were lots of doggies...this one was cute

Race sign (kinda self explanatory) 

My running group!! Holly, Brian and Me. Um...ignore my terrible hair

Holly celebrating her medal 

pre-race Brian... very serious

On a side note... I spent some time with the Stick tonight to help my little calves... why oh why are they so so sore... hills much


  1. I can feel the ache....I am underprepared for an 8lm on Mothers'll hurt, I know...but worth it for a great cause!

  2. Great time!!!! Ok, so I'm not much of runner, but I think you did great!!!!

  3. Fantastic time on the 5k - and a great cause!

  4. So, it wasn't a registered 5k... but I'll take it!!!

  5. Thanks for linking up. Fat to Fit will be changing a little next week - so make sure you follow along and link up to the new blog hop on Thursday?

    Diminishing Lucy