Monday, May 16, 2011

Bloggy bloggy blog blog....

I was going to post about a floral arrangement class I had the the other day but since blogger was down, I didn't. So I'd like to at some point but for now, I'd like to ask a question.

Let me first give you my training plan for the week. I've determined that I may be overtraining a bit as far as having too many super intense workouts which may be why my runs are suffering... SO... i'm keeping it to cross training with body weight style strength training. The plan for this week is:

Monday - 5-6 3 minute intervals with a 4:30 minute rest
Tuesday: Swim: I am researching tri training plans to see what i'll do BUT I am so basic, it'll probably be kicking drills and learning form
Wednesday: Hill repeats - 30 second and 60 second hill repeats
Thursday: not sure... this may end up being a rest day
Friday: Long run - 55 minutes with 90 strides 3 time torwards the end of the run
saturday: Bike ride??
sunday : rest or bike ride if I didnt ride bike saturday


Ok... on to the real topic. I am new to blogging. Well, I started back in October but didn't really get introduced to the blogging world until the beginning of this year. So, what I've been trying to do is get more followers. I've been commenting on other people's blogs, I've been participating in blog hops, I joined a couple of blogging networks.... and I've gotten hardly any new followers...

what does this mean?

Does it mean my blog sucks? Does it mean that I need to write about different things?

I'm trying not to get wrapped up in the amount of followers thing but I'd really like to interact with people more in the blogosphere and am wondering where my place is in it all...

Any suggestions?


  1. read some blogs who have a ton of followers and see what they're doing different. here is one i'm reading right now. some good stuff.

  2. I love reading She has a great blog about health & fitness, but also has tons of great posts on blogging and social media use in general. Check it out!

    Remember, too, that you probably started this blog as a way to write about your life and your interests. Don't judge yourself on whether you have 5 followers or 5,000. Know that if you're writing for you, then you've already won over the best follower of all - yourself!

    Sorry to be cheesy, but I hope that makes sense!

  3. It does make sense!! Thanks!