Friday, May 20, 2011


This is a new thing that I'm doing to honor my friends because they are all so special to me. Sorry to Amy Brookshire, Blair Wright, Jeanne Boughner and Ronnie Amick for not thinking of this earlier in the year so I could do it for you.

Meredith Dowless is my friend, running buddy, crossfit buddy, race buddy, and work buddy. I have run 3 half marathons with her (all of my half marathons), and we're going to run the full in Savannah and the half in Las Vegas later this year. Meredith is awesome because:

1. she is really nice
2. she is very supportive and she will tell you good things about yourself always
3. she is generous, she helps me at work A LOT
4. she is fun to run with - she is WAY faster than me but she pretends like she's struggling when i'm struggling just to make me feel better
5. she is strong
6. she works harder than just about anyone I know
7. she has a successful career
8. she is fun to go on business trips with
9. she is fun to go shopping with
10. she is very fashionable and always looks so cute
11. ALL MEN are attracted to her. Always, gym, trade show, everywhere
12. she is a baby recruiter (inside joke)
13. there are other inside jokes that I will not mention

only con:

*she is a gamecock fan.. but she's really nice about it

So, Meredith Dowless, this is a tribute to you:

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