Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who I Am

Who I Am

I am...a southern girl but sometimes I feel like I'm not... a runner... and I like to think I'm a comedian too

I want...a kindle, a pair of Tom's, a pair of Ray Ban Aviators - large lense, and a running skirt... it's my bday people.. make it happen

I have... an awesome life!!! with a fun husband, sometimes mean cat, and lots of good friends

I wish... I ran just a little bit faster.. I'm not saying I need to be an olympic gold medalist... but I mean, can I just run a sub 25 5k?? Please...
I hate... the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Lakers, and the Dallas Cowboys

I fear... upsetting people and then me getting upset and saying something that I have to apologize for because although I always do it, I hate apologizing

I hear... angels calling... they're telling me to leave work early and go to the beach
I search... on amazon a lot & think of things I want to buy... then I feel bad for being such a consumerist

I wonder... what my yoga teacher training is going to be like... I'm super excited!!

I regret... nothing because I feel like things happen for a reasons and I'm grateful for everything that's happened in my life to make me who I am! even the mistakes I've made...

I love... cake pops & chocolate covered strawberries... and italian food... and all food... oh yeah, and my husband and family and yada yada yada

I ache... in my hamstrings... stupid single leg deadlifts

I always... act like a know it all and i'm not super fond of that... sorry people who know me :)

I usually... do and say the first thing that comes to mind... sometimes good, sometimes not...

I am not...perfect. (just like Live a Charmed Life). But I'm grateful my husband/friends love me anyway
I dance...all the time... it's my favorite thing ever... I'm actually good at it!
I sing...all the time.. it's my favorite thing ever... i'm actually not good at it

I never...drink...I had to give it up a long time ago because i had a little too much fun... whoopsy!!

I sometimes... take on WAY too much... and then I get mad for doing it and then i get lazy and don't do anything

I cry... at inappropriate times. I hold it in and then when it needs to come out, it usually does in public and people think I'm a freakshow

I am not always... nice... sometimes I'm a little bit of a B... see I sometimes

I lose... my train of thought a lot. people at work make fun of me... it's a whole lot of talk talk, look at the kitty

I am confused...A LOT... by nothing in particular.. i wouldn't say I'm stupid... but.........

I need... a kindle, a pair of ray bans, a pair of tom's, and running skirt... oh yeah, and I also need more followers... someone help me please!! Is my blog just not that fun to read :(
I should... eat some cake at lunch today... I think I will

Who Are You?

Leave me a comment to let me know if you decide to do this as well


  1. YAY! I'm glad you did it as well!

  2. I loved this post. I'm going to do it, but not right now. Maybe this weekend, I'll let you know.