Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!!

This weekend has been great and FILLED with lots of activities. I've had an active weekend so I have lots to talk about.

Friday: Yoga and dinner with Lori & Val

I ran to yoga with the intentions of running after, but the gals talked me into some dinner and I'm glad I did that instead.

Saturday: I ran to Go Run (2.9 miles) and then lead the group which was a fast group, so my total was 5.6.

After, mom & I hit the local farmers market, which Katie discusses here. They had lots of fun stuff and my fav soap people were there. My husband and I ate breakfast in Travelers Rest with Lori, Holly, Val and some others. Lastly, we went to a pool party at my friend, Amy's house. She had a Hot Air Ballon theme pool party and she'll talk about it on her blog. Lastly, we went to dinner and saw the movie,


It was very good and I definitely recommend seeing it!!

Sunday: 25 mile bike ride to Furman and back

not cute... 

We went shopping and had a birthday dinner at my in law's (yes, I'm still celebrating my bday). 

Monday was a track workout and then downtown to see the National Cycling Championship. George Hincapie was there. this is the first time I've been, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was lucky enough to catch them twice and that was exciting. 

Then I saw the hand cyclists... I think that's what it's called... it was crazy!! I would be very nervous about doing something like this...

the start line

After the race, we got some delish food from Chicora Alley.

I ended the weekend with some pool time and now i'm pooped!!

How was your Memorial Day?
Have you ever seen a major cycling champ? 

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