Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday


Thank you, Little Daisy May, for doing this again. I have been skipping Yoga Pose Wednesday but will probably bring it back when I'm either, doing yoga more or when I start my teacher training. For now, I'm in full on marathon/triathlon training. So....


1. Whole Foods ready made meals. They are delish... I have a hard time finding balance between working 8-6 daily, following a marathon training program, cooking meals for my friends that are having things go on in their life, being a good wife, keeping my house clean since it's for sale, blah blah blah someone shoot me... so.... Whole Foods has these ready made meals that we thought we'd give a shot this week. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. I mean, de - li - cious. We bought a chicken pot pie, $12.99 for the big one, which we made on sunday. It was so good and we ate it that night, James had it for dinner one night and I had it for lunch one day, so we got 4 meals out of it. THEN, we got a lasagna that we just put in the oven. James had some last night and I brought it to eat this morning. He said it was pretty good, I'll find out later. So yay for an easy, and fairly healthy in that the food is organic and made without the use of artificial blah blahs, although it's still chicken pot pie and lasagna.

2. The Life Center : My gym membership allows me to go to any YMCA or Life Center facility in Greenville County but I will tell you that I LOVE THE LIFE CENTER. 1) the pool is never too full, 2) they have lots of open pool hours where as the Y always has crap going on, 3) it's open and set up in a way where you can do lots of things and 4) they are putting on a triathlon for people that want to see what it's like, me, and are offering 3 free triathlon clinics. Tonight is the first clinic and this is what is on the agenda:

You Go Girl Training Clinic 1:  Wednesday, June 29th, 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Introduction to triathlon
  • Virtual triathlon swim: what to expect
  • Swim tips: common complications and how to correct them
  • Swim: practice what was discussed during swim tips
  • Swim: practice changing lanes
  • Swim/run practice:  (50-100 meter swim + 0.5 mile run)
What to bring:
Swimsuit or triathlon suit, goggles, swim cap, running shoes, socks,  shorts/t-shirt IF you plan to throw them on before running—we won’t be changing between!

How awesome is this? It was kind of expensive, but the clinics make it worth it because I've never done it and any information helps!

She is getting ready to go to Iraq so we won't get to see her for a while but in the time that she's been patiently waiting for her assignment, she has helped me a lot with running knowledge, swimming knowledge, biking knowledge, confidence/training support, etc etc etc. I really appreciate everything she's done and I'm going to miss her while she is over their fighting for our country!

4. Pearl, Annabelle Reese, Emily, and Kate - new babies born in the last month

Baby Pearl

Baby Annabelle Reese

Baby Emily

Baby Kate

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