Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swim clinic and brick workout

As I was saying Wednesday, last night was the first of three clinics for the You Go Girl Triathlon. I'm kind of excited about this triathlon because it was made specifically for people who've never done a tri and want to see what it's all about.

Last night was the first night and we focused on swimming. Here is what was on the agenda:

You Go Girl Training Clinic 1:  Wednesday, June 29th, 6:00-7:30 pm


  • Introduction to triathlon
  • Virtual triathlon swim: what to expect
  • Swim tips: common complications and how to correct them


  • Swim: practice what was discussed during swim tips
  • Swim: practice changing lanes
  • Swim/run practice:  (50-100 meter swim + 0.5 mile run)

What to bring:

Swimsuit or triathlon suit, goggles, swim cap, running shoes, socks,  shorts/t-shirt IF you plan to throw them on before running—we won’t be changing between!

I am so happy they are offering these clinics because I learned so much information last night. Kendra has been doing triathlons for 4 years and she is currently training for her second half ironman. She told us about her first tri and all of the mistakes she made. I thought that was cool because she was helping us feel comfortable. None of the people in this clinic have ever done a tri. In fact, a lot of them hadn't even been in the pool yet. So I was like, okay, at least I'm not the only one. We talked about transition, we talked about changing lanes, etc. and as it got time to get in the pool and practice, I was getting nervous. The lanes look small when you've got all these people swimming in it and what if I run into someone, what if the person behind me gets mad because i'm not going fast enough, what if I have to stop, blah blah blah blah blah, freaking out, freaking out, freaking out, freaking out...

I got in the pool and started swimming behind this girl. Normally when I swim, my breathing is wild, I have a hard time getting it together, and I have to stop every 25 meters. I was so focused on not running into anyone, i didn't even think about my breathing... in a good way. I was swimming pretty smoothly and the only time I had to stop was when the girl in front of me stopped. And she stopped a lot, so I was fine. Once I got out of the pool, I felt much better about the swim. Not that I swam super fast or anything, but I was able to get through it without getting injured and 100 meters went by pretty quickly. My ADD my actually come in handy for this!


This morning, I did a brick workout, kind of. I took a spin class and then ran a mile on the treadmill. It takes me about a half a mile to get through the weirdness I feel in my legs from switching to the run, but after that, I feel pretty good. I ran a mile in 9:45 which I felt was pretty strong for having done a 45 minute spin class.

My training this week has looked like this:

Monday: 4 sets of 30 second sprints, 4 sets of 60 second sprints, a warm up and cool down mile - 3.5 miles total

Tuesday: Holly's boot camp - i was supposed to swim but I didn't :(

Wednesday: 10 sets of 60 second repeats with a 90 second - 120 second recovery - warm up and cool down mile - 4.6 miles total
100 m swim with the group and 100 m on my own
then a 5 minute run after the swim

Thursday: Spin class and a 1 mile run

I hope to swim tomorrow and I have a 5k on saturday (Red, White, and Blue Shoes 5k) plus I'll add 3 miles to finish my long run

Next week: I will be at the beach so it'll be interesting to see how I keep up with my training during vacay... very interesting... 

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