Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday and Abs Challenge Day #1

1. Today was the first day for the ABS challenge with fitblog. If you're interested, check out the challenge and her blog. Today, I did 100 sit ups the way Coach Ashley said and I will say that I HATE AB WORKOUTS but I'm glad I'm doing this because I lack a lot in core strength and it will help my running. So I'm excited about it but it's going to suck.

2. My hubby is bringing home a new phone because mine looks like this:


3. now it's time for Flashback Friday

Today, i'm going to dedicate flashback friday to the 4th of July!!! We're going to the beach and I'm ssssssooooooo excited about that. Yes yes, we just went to charleston but hey, two beach trips in two weeks can't be too bad, right??

So, Flashback Friday beings:


I was trying to think of a good movie and I was having a hard time, so of course, I went with Tom Cruise. He would be so awesome if he hadn't had that little crazy part the last decade... 

TV Show:

This show was awesome. How can any regular joe schmo come on this show and beat the real american gladiator... he cannot!!


I mean, really, how can you not pick this song? it's a patriotic staple

last, patriotic fashion statement... living in the south, we see this often and honestly, going to Myrtle Beach this week, I fully expect to see the 


because honestly, nothing shows more respect for you country than using the flag as a string bikini. Thank you Heidi Montag... thank you

p.s. This is where I'll be staying for the next week:

woot woot


  1. Have fun at the beach, girl!
    I hate to say it, but Heidi actually looks good in that bikini....what is the world coming to :).

  2. I know! That was pre-op I think :)