Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm bbbbbbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkkk.....

I have finally returned from my business trip to Atlanta. I am a recruiter for medical sales and marketing and I went to a trade show. I always get nervous in these situations because even though I'm outgoing and can talk to anyone, I never know what the person's interests are so I'm not sure how to connect with them initially. I stressed over it but in the end, it ended up being a good show, I made some good contacts and I got to be away from my desk for a little bit.

p.s. this was the view from out hotel room - so nice

how fun is Atlanta - I love it

I think the best part of the trip was the Braves game. I haven't talked about it much in my blog, simply because it hasn't been football season, but I LOVE sports, all kinds of sports. My husband and I will watch pretty much anything. We watched soccer the other day (although it wasn't anywhere near as exciting as the USA women's soccer match vs Brazil or Japan), we'll watch skateboarding, snowboarding, etc etc. Football is our favorite and this year, I REALLY got into NBA basketball. I tend to prefer college sports over professional, but that is slowing changing.

One of my fav sports is college baseball. I love the look of the field, the crowd, the food, the summer days, everything. It's one of those sports that's hard to watch on tv, but awesome to see in person. I probably would love the majors more if we had a professional team, but living in Greenville, SC, we have to mooch off of Atlanta and Charlotte. So how excited was I when I got to go to the Braves game? So fun. The one thing about trade shows is that all of my colleagues drink and the night time can be focused on drinking. It makes me really uncomfortable sometimes (you can read why here). The baseball game was cool because everyone could drink and I could still have fun watching the game. The view from our first seats was okay...

we were sitting in a restaurant - we got general admission tickets - bleh

So the first 4 innings, we ate, they drank, blah blah - I couldn't see the game and I wanted to move to the seats. My colleague, Vince, got us into the 755 Club so we had air conditioning and access to food!!!

sorry about the pic - not sure it does the place justice

I got a Braves hat (I love a baseball cap - I have several)

After eating, we went outside and enjoyed a much better view:

if only the foul poll (yes, that is the official name - actually I don't know) wasn't in my way

The game ended up going into 19 innings but we left in the bottom of the 11th. We were there for work so we had to get up early. I am hoping to go back because I had a blast!


p.s. I didn't work out one day. Not a day at all. So I have 3 running workouts, a bike workout, a swim workout and 700 abs to do in the next 4 days. Awesome

Do you enjoy sports?
Ever been to a professional sports game? I still haven't been to an NBA game but with the Hawks and the Bobcats all in driving distance, I am sure to go to one this year

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