Friday, July 15, 2011

Training Week 4 & Gratitude

My training has gone pretty well this week:

Sunday: 8.24 miles
Monday: Speed workout 3.2 miles
Tuesday: 700 m swim, NTC strength workout
Wednesday: Interval workout
Thursday: rest day, NTC ab workout

Friday: evening Yoga - I haven't done this yet but I am
Saturday: I'm going to swim

Sunday: Triathlon (250m swim, 10 mile bike, 2.5 mile run)

I've been trying to take it easy the latter part of this week because my legs were trashed from early week training and i want to be prepared for Sunday. I'm not doing a good job of hydating, so I've got to focus on that the next 2 days. Overall, it's going well


Yesterday was a special day for me because it was an anniversary. I've never spoken about this in my blog just because I get nervous talking about it in public but when I was younger, I had a major problem with drinking. Alcoholism runs in my family and I was one of the lucky receipients of the disease. I struggled with it early in life and by the age of 20, I had to enter a recovery program. Yesterday marked the 11 year mark of when I took my last drink.

I am very grateful for two things:

1. my family because they were instrumental in helping me get into recovery. If it were not for some tough decisions that they made, I may still be drinking or ever worse

2. the fact that I was so out of control, it brought me down early. So many people get into recovery every day but not many of them get the opportunity at such a young age. I am grateful because my detour was short and I got my life back on track fairly quickly.

SO..... yay!

How is your training going?
Have you ever had to overcome anything major in your life? Any major mistakes you've made? 


  1. What an amazing accomplishment. Thank you for sharing. Wish you all the success for many more sober years :-)

  2. Congratulations and thank you for sharing! I love seeing the "Human side" of bloggers.

    Well...I guess I've dealt with eating disorders as a teen and I have made a CRAZY amount of mistakes esp in my early twenties. Just glad I got out of all of it without too much damage :).