Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Piri what, piri who??

I hope everyone likes my Jay Z reference...

So, every time I train for an endurance event, I get a little something that bugs me the whole time. The first time, when I trained for Nashville, it was my front right hip. It was always sore and sometimes, it felt like it was catching. When I trained for New Orleans, I thought it was my sciatic nerve but turns out, it was probably my SI joint. Now, in training for Savannah, my SI joint has come back but it's a lot weirder and I know the culprit. It's my piriformis tendon. It was tight likes no one's business and not only can I feel it in my connecting back muscles and SI joint, I can also feel it in the top of my hamstring and now it's going to further. Awesome.

So how do I fix it...

1. not run - not happening
2. Chiropractor - it gets worse when I don't go, it gets better when I do. So, if I can actually try to go more, I'd probably feel a little better
3. Massage - I have been trying to get a massage for the past couple of weeks but it's so hard to find the time. I can't go to a frou frou massage place and have them gently rub my muscles. It's a waste of money. I have to go to a sports massage therapist and tell them what's hurting so they can rub it painfully until it's fixed. That is something I need to do immediately.

I made my husband rub my hamstring out with The Stick but it's not helping. I need a serious massage.

What kind of pains do you get when running/training?
Do you get regular massages? 


  1. My left hamstring always hurts, like my right leg is so much stronger than my left or something. It's really weird!
    I don't get massages almost ever. I've gotten those deep tissue ones and they hurt so much I don't like them. I mean, after I feel find. But during the therapist will keep telling me to relax. Um, dude...I can't relax when something hurts. It's that simple.
    I want to get more of those frou frou massages you're talking about. LOL Or maybe they can do a little of both in one massage? Because an hour of those sports massages makes me want to die.

  2. In the past I had lots of problems with my IT band and ran until I tore my meniscus. When I started training for my IM I felt the pulling in the IT and my knee start to flare up again. I called Greg Spindler (who was recommended to me by two different people). WOW! I was back running and have kept the problem at bay for two years now... and I put the miles on my legs. It is a very painful massage, drink lots of water to hydrate before it makes it less painful. I remember telling him it wasn't the training that I was putting in that was going to get me to the finish line... it was the pain tolerance I was enduring in a massage. He is pricey but worth it. Plan on two visits... that is his preference.

  3. @Paula, that made me laugh out loud. Go to any local spa and you'll get a frou frou massage (I don't even know if that's how you spell it)

    @AB, Greg Spindler - I'll have to look him up. Thanks!!!

  4. I'd for sure try to squeeze in a massage. They will be able to really pinpoint the situation. Do you own a foam roller? if so, hop on it and don't get off, just sit it on the spot that hurts and eventually it bet it helps break up whatever is going on down there.

    Good luck!!


  5. Agree with the foam roller. It brings tears to my eyes and I don't use it nearly enough for my tight IT band. How can a simple piece of foam hurt so much?

    I made time for a massage this week that I got on Living Social. I prefer deep tissue but I wore the poor girl out and she still couldn't get as deep as I know I needed. Turned into more of a frou frou. oh well, it was relaxing and I practiced our breathing exercises.