Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 11 training and weekend recap

So in case you missed it, this weekend, I got super excited about football and I did that long run I've been dreading. I'm really encouraged by how it went yesterday and I'm ready to get back into training!!!

So this week is my 11th week - which means I have 11 weeks left. I'm counting down... 

Monday: Rest day since I ran 2 hours yesterday

Tuesday: Spin class - I keep oversleeping but since I can't ride tomorrow night, I want to get to that class

Wednesday: Tempo intervals - 4-6 sets of 5 minute intervals with a 3-4 minute recovery

Thursday: Swim + strength

Friday: Speed work; 5x60 second strides with 2 minute recovery, 5x30 second stride with 1 minute recovery, 4x1/4 at 10k pace

Saturday: I have yoga teacher training all weekend long so it's going to be hard for me to do a ride or anything

Sunday: 5 miles non stop - I'll have to get up at 7 and do this so I can be at yoga training by 9 am.

One BIG thing I've noticed is that since I've been doing abs - fitabs challenge plus just me trying to continue to do them - my back hasn't bothered my as much while running. Coincidence...I think not... So i gotta try to keep doing those!!! My colleague, Meredith and I (also my running buddy), do abs every hour, or we try to. That's been helping tremendously.

so.... that's my week...
What does your training look like this week? 


  1. You are AWESOME Wendi!!! : )


  2. I love that you guys still do your abs every hour, that is great :)