Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clemson vs Troy 2011

Today's workout - 10 sets of 2 minute repeats with a 1 minute recovery - we did about 4 miles


Today, I thought I would put up some pics I took this weekend. Many of you have been to Clemson games and have seen everything, but some of you haven't, so I thought I'd show you some fun things!!

These are my game day buddies. We have been getting season tickets together for the past 6 years, not to mention all of the games we went to during school. Blair, on the left, was my roommate on my first ever football road trip. Jen, to the right, well.... there's a lot I can say :)
Neither one of them wanted me to take this pic - it was 95 degrees and hot hot hot

the view from our seats. If I had a better camera, you could see Lake Hartwell and the Blue Ridge Mountains

the view of the campus and the infamous hill

our stadium about 30 minutes before kickoff 
you can see the balloons to the left. When I was in college, I was in charge of Pep Rallies and Balloons - yes... yes I was

people walking to campus. It looked better when I took the pic vs how it looks now

script Tigers
my dream - to one day, dot the i

To break down the game, we sucked in the first half and redeemed ourselves in the second half. Clemson has a new Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Ends Coach, Running backs coach and offensive line coach. We have freshman starting at all key positions, minus QB although this is his first year as well. I expected the game to look sloppy and it did take a while to get into a rhythm. 

Here is my one concern: our offensive line is full of juniors and seniors. They should not be getting pushed around by Troy's defensive line. I think that they have years of bad coaching to get through, but I certainly hope they can get it together. The only people that were outstanding for this game were the freshman - which is exciting and also discouraging. Rashard Hall got hurt which is not good since he's our leader in the secondary. What I'm hoping is that they continue to improve just as they did in the game, and they get tough. 

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