Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trip to Africa... Sezione Due

I don't know why I did that in Italian other than I just love the language :)

So, I think I've narrowed it down to where I what I want to do for my trip to Africa. I felt like I kept getting all of these signs for Kenya. It was always Kenya this, Kenya that, etc etc, but as I've done research, I think the trip that I keep circling back to is in Ghana

I LOVE the idea of helping an orphanage with their farm!! It would help feed the kids, give them an opportunity to make income (they sell the extras) and I could hang with the kids!!! 

I decided to Wiki Ghana and get some information about the country. Things I learned:

*The name means "Warrior King"
*it was listed as one of the fastest growing economies in 2011
*Ghana is culturally diverse with over 5 different ethnic groups
*They love Football (soccer) 

they are located in West Africa which is the exact OPPOSITE of where I've been looking

uh... not sure I'd be doing this

looks like they take sports seriously... mu kind of place

I still have some time to decide and I'm continuing to do research, but that seems like an awesome thing to do. One thing I noticed was that the farming trip is 3 weeks, which I probably can't do. But the village trip is 2 weeks and I can work do lots of things there. Who knows... 

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