Friday, September 9, 2011

Marathon Training Update

This week, I have run about 7 miles total.

Wednesday morning - 10 sets of 2 minute repeats with a 1 minute recovery. I was leading the Go Run and since everyone is a different pace, I found a loop that was about .37 miles. We just looped it as we did our 10 sets. We ended covering about 4 miles when you included the warm up mile and cool down half mile.

*The weather was much cooler, temp being in the 60's, so it felt nice to run. I really enjoyed it and I forgot my Garmin which for once, was kind of nice, because I wasn't worried about my pace. I just made sure that I was running hard.

This morning - mom and I ran together. We did a warm up mile. Then I had tummy issues. This is the 3rd morning I've gotten up and been ready to run and during the warm up mile, needed to, for lack of a better word, poop. So, we went back to my house and finished our training there. Today called for a ladder so we did our warm up mile, ran 30/60/90/120/90/60/30. Our run time = our rest time so we again, just did a loop. We finished with a cool down mile for a total mileage of about 3.5.

*One thing I've been nervous about is that my total weekly mileage isn't super high. It's usually 15-20 miles. But I'm just going to trust Holly on this and keep focused on what it says to do. I am supposed to run 150 minutes this weekend which I plan to do on Sunday. It's going to be hot but because of the wedding, it is what it is. I'm going to have to run in the afternoon. period.

I plan on loading up my camelback with water and food, heading on the swamp rabbit trail and just pounding the pavement. My run/walk ratio will be 3/1 because I've found i keep the same pace as my 4/1 but can go longer by reducing the run time by a minute. This will be my first run over 13.1 miles. It will be interesting.

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  1. I think Lori, Sharon and I are planning to run this weekend if you would like to join us... I need 8, Lori 7, Sharon 6 :)