Friday, October 7, 2011

Footbawwwwwww Friday

It's that time again and I have been trying to decide what would the best thing to discuss. There is so much to talk about when it comes to football, it makes it tough to pick just one. I think today would be a good day to follow up from our offense discussion. Now let's talk about

as much as I despise using a Raiders pic, I can't find another one so boo

That's defense for people that can't read signs. 

I thought this sign was clever although it doesn't really look like a fence

I'd like to focus on hot guys again because that honestly is a lot of fun but when I think of the defense, not many hot guys come to mind. I think the beauty is normally in the QB, RB, WR positions. So here we go... 
I've also decided to break it up into segments vs each position because there are a LOT of defensive positions

1. Defensive line - the line has several jobs, one of them being to plug up the middle so that a running back can not make it through any gaps. They are also trying to get to the quarterback (remember Mark Sanchez). If they see a running back, full back, quarterback, maybe even a receiver coming through with the ball, they try to grab them before getting past the line of scrimmage. The line consists of the following positions -

Ndamukong Suh, University of Nebraska & the Detroit Lions

Defensive Tackle - because Wiki can say it better than me, here you go -

"The defensive tackle typically lines up opposite one of the offensive guards. Depending on a team's individual defensive scheme, a defensive tackle may be called upon to fill several different roles. These roles may include merely holding the point of attack by refusing to be moved, or penetrating a certain gap between offensive linemen to break up a play in the opponent's backfield. If a defensive tackle reads a pass play, his primary responsibility is to pursue the quarterback, or simply knock the pass down at the line if it's within arm's reach. Other responsibilities of the defensive tackle may be to pursue the screen pass or drop into coverage in a zone blitz scheme. In a traditional 4-3 defensive set, there is no nose tackle. Instead there is a left and right defensive tackle.[3]"

another thing I can mention is that sometimes there is just one tackle and it's the nose tackle, but most defenses, especially in the NFL, use 2 defensive tackles. A team in the NCAA that only uses 1, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Julius Peppers, University of North Carolina, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears (current)

Defensive Ends - Used to block but also known to get at the QB - Clemson has had some very good ones including Gaines Adams who passed away due to a heart condition while playing for the Bears. 

2. Linebackers - these tend to be my favorite players on the defense. You HAVE to have strong linebackers. If not, the line can't play well and the secondary (which will come later) can't play well. There can be between 2-4 linebackers in any defensive scheme and they can perform many functions. I won't go into all those details because honestly, I don't think anyone reading this cares THAT much and I don't want to throw too much to you at once, so we'll just say... linebackers, they're in the middle. 

Jon Beason, University of Miami, Carolina Panthers

This was kind of easy because I LOVE Jon Beason. So glad he is a Carolina Panther even though he gets injured all the time. 

3. Secondary - these are also called defensive backs. The secondary is used to protect against the pass and sometimes, the run. 

Troy Polamalu, University of Southern California, Pittsburgh Steelers

Everyone should know this guy from the shampoo commercials!

Safety - This is a position that can be used for anything. Sometimes, they stop a run that's broken through the line, sometimes they sack the quarterback, sometimes they stop short yardarge passes, etc etc. They can be used in a lot of different ways. And they have a lot of names, I won't go into them because it gets super complicated. 

Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson Tigers, San Diego Chargers

Marcus is nominated for NFL player of the week so go vote for him!

Cornerbacks - their basic function is to defend against the pass. Simple... when a wide receiver goes out, they go with them and try to deflect the ball or if caught, tackle the receiver before they score. 

And that concludes our discussion about the defense. Fun fun fun 

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