Monday, October 3, 2011

RnR with my mom

I've decided that I'm going to run the Rock n Roll Savannah with my mom. Here are some reasons why -

1. I am so completely burnt out right now that I do not feel like putting my heart and soul into training. I am going to half ass train until the race and honestly, I don't want to get injured so I'm not going to worry about time, more focus on enjoying the race

2. This is my mom's first half marathon and I know how tough it is mentally. She just started running about a year ago, so she is still new to a lot of this. A friend of mine ran my first half with me and if she hadn't been there, it would've been a lot worse so I'd like to spread the love

Mom is fun to run with! I can do my long runs with her and we have a good time. We ran 10 miles on saturday and it was nice to have someone to run with again. I've done so many long runs by myself, I forgot how fun it is to run with others.

I mean, we look wild in this pic. This was from the Cooper River Bridge run earlier this year

cooper river again (mom and I are on the left)

cooper river before the race - mom and i are on the right

red, white and blue shoes 5k earlier this year - mom and i are on the left

I think that I kind of forgot what I loved about running and that's the camaraderie. The other thing is helping others accomplish something that YOU know they can do but THEY don't know they can do. I think mom will be super proud of herself after completing this race and how awesome would it be to be a part of it. 

In the meantime, the pressure is off on following a super strict training plan so I can enjoy working out again. If I want to do weights, I can. If I want to take Zumba, I can. If I want to take a boxing class, I can. I just need to get in my 3 runs per week, which I can do with mom, and I'm good to go. 

My goal over the next couple of months is to reduce the amount of activities that I am involved in, remember what it's like to take fun classes and enjoy working out again, and focus on a couple of priorities - work, my family and yoga teacher training. I feel so relieved about that. 

And I can also enjoy football and the fact that Clemson beat VA Tech at home and we are undefeated, ranked #8. Woot Woot!

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