Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Fact Friday


I have a confession to make - I am ssssooooo nervous about going to Rwanda. I have traveled alone before, but this is the farthest I've ever gone by myself. Plus, there are a lot of things going on in Africa & every time I mention that I'm going there, people tell me how dangerous it is so after a while, you get a teeny bit nervous 


I am very excited to have found a couple of blogs about people living in Rwanda!!! Here are just a few - 

Living in Kigali  -  this is my favorite - 

from the blog

from the blog

from the blog

I decided to email the ladies from Living in Kigali and asked them a few questions. They answered right away and what they had to say was very relieving - 

*the Yellow Fever vaccine is the most important one to get (which I am scheduled to get in June)
*the weather is warm and dry (that's the type of temp I like) but can get cold at nights - and the culture is somewhat liberal for Africa so I can wear skirts/dresses - just try to make them below the knee (especially when traveling outside of Kigali) and not show too much cleavage - so essentially how I dress now - she said  some people even wear hotpants - and if I could find any, I'd probably wear them too
*there are no major issues in Rwanda - no dangerous animals or insects, very little crime, and not really that many malaria cases. She said it's one of the safest cities she's lived in and there are lots of good pharmacies and hospitals

That made me feel a little bit better just because she's living there now - it's not a story from the media or hearsay - it's a real person living in the country with hands on experience. 

Then, I read this article that I found on Inga's blog (a link)

After reading the article and just getting a feel for all of the good things going on in Rwanda, I got very excited. I'm so ready to go now!!! I think the thing that I have to remember sometimes is this - 

*We only know about other countries through what he see in the news and it's not in the news' best interest to talk about butterflies and sunshine
*People like to talk but most of them don't have experience in what they're saying. I would say that out of every one of my friends who has said something about Africa being dangerous has not been there. 

Which both of these things are fine, it's only when I let what other's tell me affect me in a way that creates fear and I don't' want to do that. So... 

Yeah for Rwanda!!

Namaste y'all!


  1. Wendi!!! I gave up FB for lent and just now panicked thinking I hadn't read your blog in a long time and wondered if everything was all right on your end. I read most blogs through google reader...then I realized I usually read your blog through FB and it wasn't an issue on your end, but on mine! What a dork I am!

    I love that you're open and honest about processing these emotions! And I think these things are going to make your trip all the better--sometimes fear makes the joy of accomplishment downright amazing! Continue to be open and honest about where you are in the "journey" and I bet the experience will blow your mind!

    1. I am on an iPad and it wouldn't let me post

      As someone who HAS been to Africa (which, it is kind of funny, because Africa is so stinkin huge, going to one place is nothing like going to another, yet most people think it is all the same!), what has hit me the most about traveling there is that we in America have an idea of safety that comes from our government/social systems and our money. But, in a lot of ways, it isn't true that we are "safe." or I guess, any safer here than in other areas of the world. Cancer can still get us here. A lunatic can walk into a restaurant where you are eating and open fire. You can be running, slip and fall, and end up with an aneurism, life in and of itself is not safe...we just get lulled into thinking so here where we think we can control outcomes by applying more money and effort to a situation. Basically, you're never really as safe as you may think you are, so embrace what you feel drawn to! It is a way better way to live!

    2. Thank you Melissa! I think that God is obviously wanting me to make this trip, so I know that I'm going to be exactly where I need to be and that makes me feel a lot better! Plus I think about you and how you've been twice and it's like, I'm not the only person that's ever traveled to Africa & they travel safely all the time.

      I am so excited though!