Friday, April 13, 2012

HAWMC - Things I need

Today's Challenge -

"10 Things I Couldn’t Live WithoutWrite a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most."

So I'm trying to think about 10 things that I couldn't live without. I'm not going to say them in any order because I just honestly don't feel like it, so I'm just going to say them as I think of them. If you know me, these things could change depending on my mood or the season :)

1. The obvious thing would be my family - 

My husband and stepdaughters are important to me so duh!

my mother in law and my mom

my grandmother and I 


2. My Friends

I have some crazy friends that are hilarious and I would be really sad without them

3. Running

I really have decided that as slow as I am and as much as I fight it - I need running. If I have to give everything up (minus yoga), I would give it all up and just run. It's not about fitness or losing weight, it's about being out there, pushing myself and really, it's a meditative activity for me. 

4. Yoga 

If I had to actually give up everything, but one thing, I'd keep yoga. Running #2 :)


6. Coffee

the weird thing is that I like, love to get coffee in different places. My husband and I will seek out coffee shops in different cities we visit. 

7. Travel 

I LOVE to visit new places. I've been lucky enough to be able to do so and I have actually been to a good number of different countries. Next on my list - Rwanda!!

Actually, it's Seabrook Island, Sc but that's not as exciting, right? 

Boulder, CO

Savannah, GA

Cancun, Mexico



Ann Arbor (for you Jane)

8. College Athletics

What I should really say is College Football. And what I mean by college football is Clemson

9. My cat, Leggett

10. And to finish it off - I asked my husband what I should put and he said, "a hair cut"

So... that's ridiculous but that's what he said. 

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  1. college athletics, coffee & traveling. definitely would be on my list!

    hope you had a great weekend :)

    {I have a giveaway going on right now. Love for you to enter!}