Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Paleo Again - Planning for the Week

I am attempting a paleo-esque diet again simply because I am trying very hard to eat a little healthier. The main person who is influencing me to try this again is my friend from In The Pink and Green, Jane. Her and her hubby are eating Paleo and they love it. Jane is one of those people that just has such a healthy outlook on life. She doesn't eat healthy for weight loss (it's a nice by product but that's not her goal), she just wants to feel better. She and her husband love to eat and explore like my husband and I do, so they do that. But when they're at home, they're trying to lead a healthy and green life style. So I can use them for inspiration!

a pic I stole from her blog

The thing I like about Paleo is the emphasis on eating things whole. Getting away from the traditional processed foods that include bleached white flour and other chemicals. I can take that idea and run with it. Ultimately, I think that if we can eat it as close to it's natural form as possible, our bodies can digest it in a way that is healthful. I don't agree on certain things, like certain veggies are bad for you, because like I said, if God put it there for us to grow, we can probably eat it. Unless it's poisonous in which case it has it's purpose but not for us to eat :)

I know there are people who disagree with me, but I don't care :)

So, what's on the menu for this week??? 

Breakfast - Sweet potato, sausage and spinach hash - 

my version :)

Lunch - 
Chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo

from the recipe above - I did not take my own pic yet

I brought an apple with some Sunflower butter for a snack and also to pair with my chicken salad for lunch. I also brought a pear and I have some trail mix. 

Dinner - Mini Meatloafs

From the recipe above 

With this, I am going to roast some okra. And maybe have a couple of small sweet potatoes? I don't know. We'll see!

I'll eat the breakfast hash and the chicken salad for a couple of days so the only thing that will be different is dinner which I will post about later. 

Have you ever tried Paleo? 
Do you typically alter a "diet" to fit your lifestyle? 


  1. Paleo :) I recommend 30 days straight paleo. It will tell you more about your digestive track than you can imagine. I am currently working with an individual who 31 years old and has three autoimmune diseases (chrons, RA, vasculitis). She has been on medications to help control signs and symptoms but they aren't working anymore. She went Paleo 21 days ago. Within the first few days she noticed a difference, by week two her vasculitis was "gone" and now her belly is flat (always distended and tender) and she is starting to feel regular. The biggest plus was the increase in energy. She is a former runner, was not able to run because of the vasculitis. Now she is hoping to start back and run the Spinx half marathon. I will keep you posted on the progress. It takes 15 days to start to heal the gut after gluten. Now as far as modification, after 30 days you can slowly add items back in (example milk) and see how you feel. They never recommend adding gluten back in. Good luck I know it makes a big difference for me in all aspects of my life.

    1. Yep I understand, I think I am about a 90/10 split now. I was 100% when I met you, but I added a few items back in but know my limit and what to expect.

  2. As a vegan, I obviously have some issues with a Paleo diet, but we can agree that less processed food and more fresh food is the best choice.