Thursday, April 5, 2012

WEGO Health Challenge Day 5 - Photo inspiration

Our challenge for today is to explore Flickr, find an image that inspires us and write about it. Can we somehow relate it to our health focus. 

I'm honestly having a hard time with this. One - I don't really get that inspired from pictures. Two - none of the pictures that probably would inspire me were shown - probably because there are thousands and thousands of pictures to look through. I ended up choosing this one for a couple of reasons 

1 - it reminds me of Africa - the person who posted this did not list where it was taken, but to me, it looks like Africa. 

2 - it also represents to me the beauty of the earth that can be seen when we slow down and pay attention

How it relates to my health awareness is learning to live in the present, pay attention to the gifts that have been given, and appreciate our surroundings. 

So - not the best BUT it is done!



  1. I Love your Blog! I have been meaning to write my own posts to follow your challenge but I have yet to do so. (I've been busy at work and home) But I have noted a few of the ones that I want to CATCH UP on. I hope it's ok that I link to your Blog on my running blog I think my readers will love you almost as much as I do. You always have the right thing to say that is up lifting and helps me get through my day. Thanks for that!! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate that you read and that you like it!! I try to be positive - although I'm not always perfect at it!!