Friday, May 6, 2011


"Long Run" - my plan today was to run for 45 minutes.
4.8 miles 53 minutes
bleh and I don't want to even talk about it


I'm sitting here watching House Hunters International and they are looking for places in Italy. Anyone who sees me on a daily basis, hello Jane Graybeal and Amy Brookshire, you know that I am obsessed with Italy right now.

I got a "learn Italian" app for my iphone and so far, I've learned how to count to 20, I've learned hello and goodbye, and that's it. I also got a gadget on my iGoogle page, an Italian word of the day... today was allievo (student). I think what I like the most about it right now is way Italian is spoken. 

My husband and I took a mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon and we visited Milan, Genoa and Rome. That's where I first fell in love. 

I love the people - they love life and aren't as concerned american desires... the love fashion and food and each other and LEISURE TIME
I love the country - it's beautiful:

Milan (source)

Venice (source)

Naples (source)

Rome (source)

I love the fashion:


What's one of your fav places? 

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