Monday, May 2, 2011

Yes Sir, Sargent, Sir

Day 1 of my HUGE training plan. The workout was run 4 sets of 6 minute intervals, RPE (i don't know what that stands for but I know what it means) 7 out of 10. I figured in my mind that I should be running at a 9:30 pace.

Before I start going into the workout, here's what is funny about me. I make a strict plan before I go out and run because if I allow there to be any room for question, I might talk myself out of doing something. So, this time, I decided to run to the left and ALWAYS follow the curb, to the left, no matter where it takes. And that's what I did. I. DID. NOT. STRAY. FROM. THE. PLAN.

Lap 1: (warm up lap) walk 5 minutes/jog 5 minutes 10:03, .82 miles
Lap 2: (1st interval set - 6 minute run) .65 miles 9:17/mi pace
Lap 3: (rest portion of first interval set) .26 miles 19:24 pace
*I swear I wasn't walking this slow, I stopped and took some pics and I seemed to do this a lot so I don't know what I was doing :)
Lap 4: (2nd interval) .63 miles 9:30/mi pace
Lap 5: 5 mintes .28 miles 17:33 pace
Lap 6: (3rd) .64 miles 9:21 pace
Lap 7: 5 min .22 23:05 pace
*so I think I like, stretched my calves, blew a snot rocket, I don't know what I was doing
Lap 8: .60 10:00 pace
*this was my last interval and I had a HUGE hill (thornblade... bleh...) I'll explain below
Lap 9: 5 min .28 17:53 pace
cool down lap: 3 min, .23 miles 13:00 pace

The last interval, I went into panic crazy running mode which I think looks like of likes this:

My breathing was out of control, I couldn't tighten my abs, it was just wild. So I stopped and started again, focusing on my form. My intention for this workout was to keep abs tight and keep hips tipped forward so I can prevent hip/back injury.

I like doing temp/speed work on regular terrain because honestly, when is a race ever like a track? Never. So it helps for me to learn how to push it on hills and make up for lost time on downhills. And as I was saying, Thornblade is HILLY... like, HILLY, like seriously, HILLY.

But it's beautiful, it's a rich neighborhood, so look at the pics I took.

pretty house in one of my culdesacs I visited... must follow left curb

another one. I hope they weren't wondering why this crazy girl was taking pics of their house

the little doggy that visited me

an example of the hills, although it doesn't look as treacherous here as it does in person. Especially when this is all there is... up and down and up and down

I'm totally loving the Irises this spring.. may be my new fav flower

Is it hilly in your area?
Do you do any tempo work?
What's your fav spring flower? 


  1. Aww look @ the little doggie! :)

  2. Love the pics!!! Is it hilly around here? No, I get to jog on a flat path. Any temp work? No, I pretty much jog to get out, but I'm not training to do any sort of running. I just get out. Heck, I'm not even sure if you'd call my jog a jog. I'm really slow. Favorite spring flower? Definitely the tulips. Just love them.

  3. if you're running, you're running!