Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Go Run.... GO!!!

One thing that I love about running is the social aspect. I have met so many people through running and developed some awesome friendships. I've also found a way to give back and spread a positive message to people wanting to start exercising. Running is an easy way to get into being fit because there isn't a lot of cost (just some good running shoes) and there are a lot of resources out there.

I'm a part of a group called Go Run. It's a beginner 5k program designed specifically to help people train and run in their first 5k race. I started volunteering with the group a year ago and it has now grown into something much bigger. We have the beginning 5k group, a walking group and a long distance group. On Wednesday mornings (many of you have seen me post about wednesday morning intervals), we have a speed group that focuses on short distance sprints. Tomorrow, we'll be doing a 1 mile time trial, and I think I'm going to throw in some running drills as well ;)

so, what I've decided to do is do an interview with one of Go Run's founders... Holly Di Giovine. If you've read any of my blog posts, you've seen me mention her name as she is the one who's given me a half marathon and full marathon training plan. Her plan consists of 3 running days a week and although that seems like not much, I actually improved my half marathon PR by 9 minutes through reducing the amount of runs during the week and increasing the quality. My injuries have been reduced but I keep getting faster!!


1)      How did Go Run (formerly known as iRun) begin?

Jen Luevano, a local super fit runner, had achieved her lean physique when she lost over 100 pounds through diet and a walk to run program.  She wanted to offer the same jump start to others and approached Jeff Milliman at Run In to see if he would help her out...and iRUN was born.  Through a word of mouth campaign fueled by Jen's enthusiasm, 60 runners showed up the first week and continued to grow week to week until it breached 100 runners at the first ever celebration 5k.

2)      How has it changed since it first began? 

Even with name, location and personnel changes, the real spirit of iRUN lives on through the Saturday Walk2Run programs that we've offered consistently twice a year since 2007.  While we've added endurance and tempo training, the main focus of Melissa and myself, who've been on board since the beginning, continues to be motivating new runners to realize what they are capable of in running and in life.   

3)      How did you get started running? 

I ran track in high school but survived on a bit of natural ability at the quarter mile distance.  I could nail a 1/4 in 64 seconds but putting four together usually resulted in a 10+min mile.  I continued to run in college for weight control but it wasn't until I was in Las Vegas working as a personal trainer that it occurred to me that I didn't have to peak in high school.  So my 5k times dropped from 28 min to 23 min.  I took up triathlon shortly after b/c I could tell my body didn't approve of a running only approach.  Since 2004 I've ran about 3 days/week, leading me to achieve goals that were previously inconceivable--our brains are really good at providing us with perceived limitations.  So now I can run a half marathon at split times that I still don't believe--but I have the proof trapped in my Garmin when I have lapses of faith.

Melissa Adrian (left) & Holly Di Giovine (right)

4)      Any brief tips on nutrition?

It's all about moderation--of food types, portions sizes, timing, etc.  Personally it has never worked for me to deny "bad foods" that make me happy so instead I focus on making the other 90% of my day look as clean and healthy as possible.  Learning how to use long workouts to assist weight loss has been another project for me, my husband and my clients.  Follow workouts lasting 90' or longer with 100-300 calories (depending on your size/exercise time) of carbs/protein (protein shakes or choc milk) within 30 minutes. Then put yourself on a schedule for the rest of the day, taking in 300-500 calories ever 3 hours.  Women under 170# should stick to 300.  The 500 calorie range works for men over 150# who trained for 3 hours or more. 

5)      What is your goal with this group? 

To provide a welcoming, educational environment to runners of all levels, but particularly the ones who are the most intimidated at  the thought of running or even moving in general.  It's that simple...don't get it twisted people!!  I also want to be a huge force in the community that is recognizable as something people want to be a part of.  Oh-and to have 200 runners in Go Run shirts at the Spinx RF in October!

6)      Tell me about your new partnership with On On Tri.  

It makes sense to partner with a store to create a level of support and consistency.  Jeff is one of the few who has supported the true vision since the beginning and it's valuable to be able to offer him to our runners.  Because our group has always run on zero funding it is helpful to have logistical support from the store so we can have a homebase. We've really just scratched the surface of possibilities with the partnership. 

7)      How can people get started?  

Just show up!!! Our programs have always been free so there really are no barriers to participation.  Even if we initiate some kind of membership levels at some point, it will be something that runners want to do--not that is required.  Check out the schedule on the website, contact the respective group leader to see if it is right for you and then be there. 

8)      Any tips for new runners that are out of town and cant make it to Go Run?  

Download the program from the website, recruit at least one friend, set your training schedule, pick a race and make it happen!  Join our mailing list and FB page to receive training tips and info to keep you motivated from afar.  

9)      Where does it meet and when?  

Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. at On On Tri, 400 E McBee, McBee Station.

10)  When is Go Run’s next race?  

Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k at Furman University.  (Melissa has the specifics)

Our other leader, Melissa Adrian, is going to be in another post so look for that!! Otherwise, come out & join us!!

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