Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So... I've been thinking about all these things I want to blog about and I can't narrow it down to anything in particular so I saw this, thanks to my friend, Jane Graybeal, and the blog she told me about, Little Miss Daisy...

1. NUMBERED LISTS.... if you've seen my blog lately, or just sent me an email, I have been making all kinds of lists and numbering them... what is my deal??

2. As seen above.... ITALY.... For whatever reason, I have been wanting to learn Italian and go to Italy and I'm excited about all that is Italy as seen in this post.... Buongiorno

3. Pleated, cuffed shorts... I really want a pair...

4. Gelato... I get a new kind every week and my husband calls it the 2 serving ice cream because we both eat it in one sitting...

This is the gelato place downtown... Luna Rosa

5. Wednesday morning interval runs: it's so much nicer to run in 60 degrees and breezy vs 80 degrees and muggy

6. STYLE BY BECCA... I'm going to blog more about this later but I just met Becca at my wednesday morning group a couple of weeks ago. She is really cute and her store looks really cute... I want some of this stuff...

Becca & her store

earrings I want from her store

cute dress

want this necklace

7. BLOGGING!!! I am having so much fun in the blogging world and while I don't have many followers, I hope someone is reading enjoying my blog!!!

some of my favs:


  1. Thanks for the shout-out blogging bestie! :)

  2. Italy and Gelato = LOOVE!!! I was fortunate enough to visit Italy in 2006 and there is nothing else like it, or real Italian gelato!

  3. Those are some awesome things that you are loving today!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  4. I love the idea of "What I'm Loving Wednesday". I agree it is hard to think of things to write about sometimes, so this is a good go-to if nothing's really happening on a Wednesday!
    And p.s. thanks for the shout-out! Feel nice to be roped in with SkinnyRunner, who I totally adore :)

  5. I have always wanted to go to Italy. Gelato=deliciousness!

  6. thanks for the mention wendy... xoxo